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November 9, 2018 | Jon Mostad

Man is facing a change of consciousness map. Such shifts take place when the existing grid of perception no longer brings vitality and credibility to the great stories. To an increasing extent, the old story produces errors and improbabilities. I'm Scandinavian. My native language is one of the Nordic countries. In a Danish edition, I nowadays publish a book about how humans can understand and change their ideas about themselves, from a limited to an extended story. The book has been translated from a Norwegian publisher to Danish and will in English (when the time comes) bear the name "DAWN - the Sapience, the Succession, the Selection". In the text that follows, you will be able to read my initial thoughts, as I express them in the book.

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By night follows day

The night is the Little Dead, and the day is the Great Creator. My experience and understanding of wisdom traditions goes back to the Egyptian-Chaldean tradition, millennia

before our time bill (Christ). From there it goes on to Roman-Greek tradition, through the European Middle Ages to the Renaissance and until today.

In an infinity of time back, the myths tells the people to be delivered a science of the universe that contained the keys to an understanding of the cosmos, to nature laws we do not know today and for insight into the future. The surrendered wisdom also meant access to a scientific magic with a power so great that it was reserved for a priesthood and delivered through initiations. We find archaeological tracks and survived narratives about this wisdom, but what civilization that gave this insight to humanity is unknown.

Through the scientific initiations, the neophytes (priesthoods) were gradually introduced to the mythical cosmology and learned to master the magic powers of the unknown natural laws. I see the inaugurations like the scientific examinations of the day. The purpose of the process was to move people from an experience-oriented awareness to a logical-analytical awareness. Slowly, humanity began the development of the brain of science of nature in the way we know it to day.

In the Egyptian world of imagination, the sun drove over the sky in its wagon towards the evening's preparation for the night's death. The sun's cycle was the symbol of human cycle. The night like the little death offers evaluation, reflection and cleansing. Dawn is the great birth to the new life.

The mythical science religions before our era, slowly closed down the phenomenological right brain and carefully wakened the left logic. The consequence was that the old mysteries should be hidden and forgotten, for once in time to be awakened again. When the mythic brain is to be woken again, it is for it to be further developed to its higher level and part of a collaboration with the logical left brain.

The shutdown of the mythical brain I see as the metaphorical night, the little death. The awakening is the great birth. The European philosopher and scientist Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) prophesied that a time would come when humanity would "think with the heart and feel with the head." I read this prophecy as a metaphor for a paradigm shift where science of nature will meet the science of spirit and together they will create the third science, the holistic knowledge of the cosmos and its laws.

The birds song

You have probably slept outdoor under the stars, or with the window open? I'm doing so. When time approaches for the sun to send its first rays of light into the dark night, the birds will start singing. What are the birds knowing about the sun that I do not know? How can they know that the new day is on its way before it shows its face? The birds song is another of my metaphors. The birds know what to come and they tell us. If you and I are consciously present in our reality, we can also experience the "sun before it shows its face." Signs in time tell me that the new day is on its way. The old brain must be awakened from its "little death" and begin its evolution from a higher consciousness level. Again, we shall persist and create with the spiritual senses, we shall "think with our heart and feel with our head."

The materialistic and therefore physical understanding of the universe, consciousness and man as a "machine" loses legitimacy. The scientific explanation no longer has the power to understand, explain and address solutions to the challenges of humanity. Quantum physics integrates consciousness into their mathematical formulas in order for these to coincide. The modern medicine experiments with "mental surgery" where the thought kills the construction of cancer cells. Future research operates with mega trends that show us an immaterialization of the workplace where the orientation in the manufacturing world moves away from the physical product to the production of the idea. Everything tells about a change of consciousness.

"The birds are singing" and we can hear their "song". If you look into my previous texts, you will be able to read how I imagine the development.

The three colums

I attended a Sufi evening at Berkeley (University) in 2008. The professor who led the beautiful seans, begins by pointing out that the West has the world's best school for the head, but no school for the heart. The night after this beautiful Sufi evening I did not sleep. That morning I got up and decided that I would create this "school of the heart". The professor's statement deeply impressed me and is the direct reason I am writing to you today.

For people to be part of the evolution, each of us should get up early, dress well and be active in our own development. Our old ideas about ourselves and our consciousness, developed and aligned with a materialistic and 3D realization of understanding, will not be the tool that will lift us on. We find it hard to find programs and methods that can help us. That's why I've published the book "DAWN". It is a product of studies and practices over almost two decades. It is theoretical and practical empirical. In the book I describe three pillars our individual and collective evolution is based on. Each of the columns I will give a more detailed presentation of each of the columns in the three weekly blogs that follow. Here I tell you what the three collumns mean.

Sapience - the first column

Humans must know the sapience, the mysteries that create life. Insight into wisdom is about understanding the living universe, the conscious universe - a universe that is something else and more than a physical and mechanical construction. When you know Sapience, you know yourself as something else and more than what you observe in the mirror. You understand awareness as the cosmos itself and understand yourself as a co-creator of the conscious universe. You know your form and role as an incarnate soul, and you accept to get to know your spiritual plan of life and to implement the plan. Sapience is the domain of the spiritual ideas. Your ethical and aesthetic domain for the life you live. By knowing Sapience, you have the keys to a life of spirituality, what you are destined for.

Succession - the second column

Humans must walk the succession, not any path, but the succession that further develops the conscious universe. The Succession is the methodical path of life, based on inspiration from Sapience. When the night like metaphor ends, the birds will sing for you. You will be drawn to your awakening. The sun will rise and the great birth of your new life will take shape. To walk the Succession is to identify your path. It's different to everyone else, so it's true that you are unique. Once you have identified the «Three Faces of your soul», found the hidden law of nature that takes you out of the physical gravity and you have visited the "Kings Chamber of Life» where your incarnation plan is coded and hidden, you walk the Succession.

Selection - the third column

Man is a discerning creature and evolve through choices taken. You must choose the Sapience and the Succession yourself. Life is an inauguration. For each life you choose, follows a plan. The challenge in every life is to win the wisdom of this life, identify the way and make the choice for this life. You are the one you choose to become. Nowadays is triggered by the past but developed by the future. The future is a physical force awaiting and calling for you to move. You can choose the future and it will come to you. The choice is all the actions you take that make the Succession possible. The actions are based on Sapiens. When you manifest the necessary choices that transform your barriers into opportunities, you release the big edition of yourself.

When Sapience is known, the Succession is identified and the Selection is taken, your life will be like the sun's passage across the sky. In my three next blogs, I will write more specifically about Sapience, Succession and Selection.

Stay tuned


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