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  • l'altro mondo

    The other world - l'altro mondo, a expression I met in Italy during a vacation during the early 1980s. It was the name of a discotheque in Rimini/Riccione. A popular and spectacular one, still in operation today. I introduced the name into the update of the homepage for Futuresofman. The idea of Futuresofman was to go to places where few dared to go. Spiritual places and places that helped you to increase your awareness and consciousness. During a meditation and contemplation I realized that I might have taken the wrong approach. Maybe we should not look for the other world. Maybe it is us that is in the other world while the rest of species, plants, soil and rocks is in the unified world. From that perspective it makes sense that we are the ones living in l'altro mondo. The human race that has the peculiarity to regard all things as resources just to grab. No or very little consideration if it is a good thing to do or if it is a harmless activity. Today we know that the predatory exploitation of natural elements such as oil, mineral, meet, fish and trees in deed is harmful. Not only for the things as such, but also for our own health and our own environment. As everything literally is made of the same stuff and that everything relates to every other element, you can say everything is conscious. There really is no separation between elements in the Universe, it is something invented by man and the ego of man. Maybe a necessary step in the evolution of mankind moving from oneness to wholeness. There are good signs heading in that direction, but at the same time there is signs and activities moving fast away from the unification path. All the energies and vibrations which forms the basis of the Universe might with good reasons look upon humanity and rightfully say that they live in the other world. They can just hope that sanity and increased awareness of the situation and an increased spiritual consciousness will take root in humanity. Maybe you find the article dark, and it is, but it is also a snapshot of how it looks in the world today. The coming articles will put focus on what can be done to increase awareness and consciousness. This article will be the last published on the Futuresofman homepage. Futuresofman will undergo changes and be transformed into the next phase of development. Stay Conscious Ulf

  • Find your inner frequency

    I have worked and applied different forms of leadership for many years. A question that struck me was why it is so difficult to bring about a change in people or organizations. I turned my gaze inward towards myself and examined myself based on the same question. Probably thought that it didn't apply to me because I had such a solid education in this and considered myself a person who was very dynamic and prone to change. I had received that as feedback many times. I probably needed to find some other tools to be able to value myself in a more profound and honest way. During my search I came into contact with people who could help me with different methods to get to know myself on a new level. By really trying to find out as much as I could about myself, the way opened to be able to observe myself in a more objective way. Things that I attributed to myself, qualities I had and knowledge and experiences turned out not to be quite right. It was one thing to have theoretical knowledge of something than to actually apply it in real life. However, it was not about cutting down myself, but about clarifying my own behavior linked to my own self-image. To clean out the incorrect self-image in order to gradually act according to the self-image I wanted. Easier said than done but with small steps I was able to clear out either behaviors or change the self-image so that it was more consistent with my behavior. During the trip, I ventured into areas that I had no experience with before. Had to immerse myself in philosophical, spiritual, alternative methods, methods from modern future research and other modern research in the field of quantum physics. Also introduced myself to meditation, which I now apply, reiki, yoga, energy work with the chakras and shamanism. Each area has its own expression and application with one thing in common. We are all connected with, and created by, energy. The meaning of the word all broadened my horizons, all, or rather all and everything, means all that exists here. Results from experiments in quantum physics support what has been recorded from ancient civilizations. In a way, we are energy beings that can be influenced, both from within and without. Based on what I have absorbed through studies, dialogues, testing different alternative methods, I have been able to find out my foundation values and how well I lived according to them. Can't say I was very proud of myself at the beginning of that process. In a way, that realization became a starting point for my journey of change. If everything and everyone consists of energy and is connected, it means that we are one and that the wholeness becomes an important starting point for the journey. I shall apply my basic values so that they become of value to the wholeness. Everything I will do in the future will have that as a foundation. To be able to do that, I need to constantly work on increasing my self-awareness and face everything and everyone I meet with an open mind. This does not mean that I should give up every thing I do today, just that I should make conscious decisions based on an overall perspective. Many times I don't succeed in that, but by observing my actions and my emotions when I don't succeed, I have learned something new and can do better on a similar occasion. Everything and everyone that lives and exists here has a task of some kind. We are parts of a large ecosystem and we are all needed. We are all unique in one way or another and we are all connected to each other. Most of us don't know what our big task in life is, even though I'm starting to have a pretty clear picture of what I'm going to do and work on in the future. I have made several iterations of my goals as I expanded my knowledge, applied new methods and created a vision for the future. With each iteration, the goal becomes clearer and activities to move me forward can be created for each new iteration. The way forward for increased self-awareness begins, in my opinion, with thinking through whether we are living the life we really want, have a job that we enjoy and go to because it is satisfying, or if we really care about those who come after us. The answers will of course be very varied, but if we really care about the future of our children and their children and their children, maybe living with a founding value for the wholeness is not so stupid. Methods for developing personal images of the future based on the wholeness exist. The step begins with an active decision from us. Be conscious! Ulf


    Most of us are busy with our work, hobbies, interests or other types of activities. Our calendars are filled with activities we want to do and our social media are constantly clamoring for attention. The only question is, is this what we want to do or have we just been caught up in the general maelstrom? What do I want to achieve with what I am doing? Is it the pursuit of self-satisfaction or the pursuit of status and influence that drives? Do I have a clear goal with what I am doing and am I filled with satisfaction and joy when I reach the goals I formulated and set? If the answer is self-satisfaction, then you can calmly trudge on, but if your goal is to somehow create a better and sustainable future for your loved ones, then maybe a little deeper look into yourself and what you really want is needed. Do you need to do a psychoanalysis or take a personality test, there are several variants available, to find out what you are looking for? In my opinion you don't have to but you do need to spend some time getting to know yourself and being honest with yourself. You can start by writing down what studies you have conducted. What degrees or other formal education you have obtained. Simply make a list and write down your motivations for each education you chose to undertake. Do the same with your interests, list and rank them and write down your motivations for each individual activity or interest. Finally, you make a list of the jobs you've had and write down a motivation for why you chose that particular job or workplace. You have now acquired information about your education, interests and jobs and for each you have made a short justification as to why. This gives you an insight into yourself and it needs to be added with a description of the dreams, thoughts or ideas you have about what you would really like to do. The last task probably requires you to think and fantasize a bit. All this is aimed at one thing, to make you more familiar with yourself and the choices you have made and the dreams you may be carrying. To deepen your understanding of yourself one more level, you can usefully reflect on the information you have created about yourself. A reflection in several different perspectives. Some examples could be Theoretical reflection, Affective reflection, Conceptual reflection, and/or Hypothetical reflection. Add your reflections to the description you already have. Read it several times, and if you dare, let someone who knows you read and give comments. Based on the description you now have of yourself, you can compare how your goals, educations and work correspond with what you would like to do deep down inside. If they match, you are doing the things that are right for you. If there is a mismatch between what you do and what you want to do and what you are passionate about, change work is required. Partly to more clearly describe what it is you want to do and partly in which context it would fit best. Can one break free from the shackles of the present? Yes, but I will write more about that in another article, in the meantime you can start thinking about the things you consider yourself good at, how valid are they really? Do you have a true image of yourself or is it a somewhat adapted and embellished image? It's not about pulling yourself down, but about getting to know yourself in a deeper and more objective way. This is a starting point to be able to create a clearer vision of the future. Be conscious! Ulf


    Where will the drive to modify our behaviour come from? The young generation will have no mercy for us that just keep going blindfolded forward. The new generation will have a collective and collaborative mindset and will initially be regarded as a threat to the established, older part of the population. We who do nothing but look after our selfish needs. The young generation are the ones who will push through the changes in behavior that are necessary if we are to have a place for all the inhabitants of the earth in the future. All inhabitants are equal to all living things and resources. Someone's freedom is total as long as it does not affect someone else's equal freedom. Growth is the key word for society at the moment. Without growth, society cannot develop further. In my opinion, this is a truth that needs a lot of modification. Growth cannot happen at the expense of us draining all raw materials and eradicate all other living things. It needs to be based partly on the fact that we do not consume more than what the planet can reproduce within the course of a year, and partly we need to use our resources in a much smarter way than we do today. A lot of people just steam along in the same old habitual rut. Change is hard and I want that thing or that job so that I get a higher salary, let me do the change later, is the mantra of today. Status is important, so this overexploitation and protection of the environment will have to wait. We'll deal with it then, besides, the effects won't have time to kick in during my lifetime. If everyone thinks so, it will be our children, grandchildren and their children who will have to suffer the consequences of our actions and our satisfaction of our convenience. Too bad for them. Several questions bubble to the surface based on the above. One is that we need to think through how we can use our resources in a much smarter way than today. Part of this can certainly be handled through new technological solutions, several of which already exist but need political support to be realised. This is where Artificial Intelligence comes in with great force and new solutions that we haven't even thought about will be generated. Another effect of AI is that many jobs will be taken over or become fundamentally changed. This in itself means that we humans need to think through how we will get our income in the future. However, it is not only AI that requires us to start doing things in different ways than we do today. If we are to get down to what a globe can produce in a year, we need to change many things in the way we live. Does it mean that we have to stop doing everything that we are used to? Wouldn't believe that, but we need to make conscious decisions about everything we do, and take the big picture into account when we make decisions that affect others. We can always just press a button on a computer, tablet or phone and order something that is with us the next day or a day later. Can't we wait a day or two, or even an extra week or two. This makes it possible for some goods to be produced only after ordering and does not need to be kept in stock for immediate delivery. Of course, there are some goods that need to be available at very short notice, but this does not apply to most goods. A perspective that is missing today is the effect that our actions have on our future generations. If you were to think through the time aspect compared to planting an acorn, that has only become a fully grown tree many generations later. The one who planted knows that there can be no return from this action in this persons own lifetime. In the same way, we need to think through what effects our actions have on our future generations. If we want our children, their children and their children well, it is not okay for us to continue as we are doing. They will sit with unwanted consequences and be forced to deal with things and deteriorating living conditions for generations to come. Actually, it doesn't feel like we have their best interests at heart, but more our own selfish motives. Who will then push through the necessary changes in our societies and our social economy? It doesn't seem to be the ruling middle-aged or older part of the population because, on the whole, we are making insufficient efforts. In my opinion, women will be the strong driving force. The lot falls on the younger ones, our youth and our children who have the ability to be empathetic with all living things. They have a different condition than the rest of us and they will take command pretty soon. The rest of us have the opportunity to become part of the interaction that is required, or to end up on the substitute's bench. Sometimes it sounds like our politicians just talk and that there is no action. This is not a completely incorrect statement, but it does not absolve us as individuals from our responsibility. Partly to do something directly, but also to influence our politicians to exchange words for action. Force our decision makers to spend time into places where the impact of our current behavior has dramatic impact. First hand impressions beat most written papers. We all have decisions to make, do we want to be in the winning or losing team? Be conscious! Ulf


    The quest for freedom is a struggle for most of us. We want be be free as a bird which floats almost weightlessly in existence. Freedom is a word with many angles and meanings. We all want freedom from different things and freedom to do, own or perform different things. The question is whether we realize what comes with the concept of freedom and whether we are willing to act on this realization. We all want freedom, freedom from financial worries, freedom from a boring job or freedom to do what we want. The meaning of freedom can have many number of meanings and probably does not mean the same thing to each of us. There are many of us who seek our freedom in a variety of ways. A question that can be asked is whether the search for freedom and its many aspects can get in the way of someone else's search for freedom? Another question is what do we do when, and if, we find our freedom? Are we looking further for another aspect of freedom then? Can we even become free and if we can, at what level does this freedom exist? More questions than answers it may seem, but in my opinion we need to think through these questions. Think through on a deeper level what freedom means to me. How it looks and how it behaves. Freedom can be about things we want or own, or some sport or leisure activity that you want to practice when you feel like it. It can be about creating financial independence so that you can do what you want without having to think about costs. Freedom to move and visit the places you want. One of the most fundamental freedoms is the freedom to choose what we want to say or express without anyone else interfering. Another fundamental freedom is to keep enough money based on the work, what you produce or grow so that you can try himself and his family. In many cases, this freedom is missing for many of us. This also applies to many other and of freedoms, we have a desire for them but they are not always available at all, or at least not when we wish to have that freedom. A completely different aspect of freedom concerns whether freedom is only something for us humans or if the same desire for freedom exists for what we consider natural resources, plants and animals? If that desire exists in everything that exists here, how well do we as humans help make it come true? Can we even realize our desire for freedom for ourselves? If we are to create freedom for ourselves and others, including the rest of nature, we need to clarify what kind of freedom we are seeking or, rather, that we are creating for ourselves. Is it freedom driven by our desires or is it freedom driven by our striving to create a balance between ourselves and everyone else? Maybe it sounds fuzzy, but the path to each place is fundamentally different. The path that goes via desire usually does not take into account that the desire is satisfied by restricting someone else's freedom in one way or another. While the path to a balanced approach and a freedom based on creating a win-win situation. A very big difference. I myself have been inspired by an esoteric expression. Everyone has the right to express their choice of freedom in any way, as long as it does not affect the equal rights of anyone else or anything else to express their freedom. A pretty comprehensive expression in my opinion. With freedom comes great responsibility. A responsibility to consider everything and everyone. Acting according to this expression requires a changed approach to each other. Something that is valid at all levels, from the individual over groups or associations to politics and decision makers. All rules that do not have a positive impact on those affected by the rules, in one way or another, must be removed. Freedom from control of thoughts and freedom to believe whatever you want must be a fundamental right. This goes both for external as well well as internal controls. More about this will come later on. Freedom comes with responsibility. No one can blame anyone else if you violate someone else's equal freedom. Be conscious! Ulf


    All around us there is polarity forcing people to chose side, putting people standing against each other. It is time to expand our awareness to find balancing polarity will open up a new world of possibilities and new possibilities of behavior. It is common that many of us have focus on winning discussions, making plans of how to climb the ladder at work, or finding ways to get rich. Sometimes we get caught in the wheel of seemingly having a better status than our neighbors or friends. In many cases we act like puppets on a string controlled by polarity. I am right and you are wrong. My way is better than your way. My country and its form of guidance is sovereign to yours. This kind of behaviour has forced us in to conflict and sometimes into war. It benefits our ego, at least at it seems, but the dark side is aggressiveness, split and lack of empathy. Putting the ego in center makes us less interested to understand the damage we create in the surroundings and to other beings. To handle the challenges we are facing as a human beings controlling many aspects of our planet we need to come up with a better way to how to act. We are just extracting the resources of the planet without considering the impact it has on every other living beings, us included. The ego dimension has had its benefits and still need to exist but in a completely developed way. We need to move from ”what’s in it for me” towards ”how can we co-create a solution” that will benefit all beings. Such a step might look impossible to achieve but in my meaning it is possible but it requires a shift in mindset. A mindset with increased awareness of balancing things and situations. If you put in balance into the polarity situation you opens up possibilities to highlight all the different solutions that actually exist along the polarity line. Putting in balance in a situation where you have your self on one end and the others in the other end of the axis creates the possibility of seeing both self and the others in a new perspective. If you create harmony with the others it will create a clear sense of self. Having the sense of harmony will hinder you to destroy the lives of the others just because you want to have something for yourself. Putting yourself in the situation of the others will give you the tools for reaching harmony. In every situation where there is polarity it is also possible to add balance. Putting two perspectives against each other is a good starting point if you are prepared to look at it from a balancing point of view. If you do that the possibility to co-create a solution will emerge. We all know that our way of living hurts the planet and all the beings on it. We have lost respect for all life as self-appointed masters of the planet. Taken the right to explore everything possible to our own benefit. We are all, every being, faced with the consequences. But there is a choice that can be made. A choice to move into a state of co-creation. Leaving the way of win or lose, to a way of perspectives. A way based on increased awareness of how everything is connected. That we all are depending on each other, regardless of the kind of being. Maybe it sounds like an impossible task but even small changes conducted by many will create big difference. Take a look on the short video. Be conscious! Ulf


    There has been discussions for a long period of time of the idea that a super intelligent AI would take over control from man. The question if we would be able to keep control or not has also been discussed for a long period of time. Recent science has come up with an answer to that question - Almost certainly we will not be able to keep control. How come then, we are so smart and brought us to where we are today? It is a question of comprehending what happens inside the AI. If we cannot comprehend what it is doing we have no possibility to control it. When the computer have reached the level where we cannot understand what it is doing and it come to conclude some kind solution it already are in control. Are we already at this point of development then? Not very likely even if there are signs of the opposite. These statements was made by scientist Manuel Cebrian from the Max-Planck Institute for Human Development. "A super-intelligent machine that controls the world sounds like science fiction.” "But there are already machines that perform certain important tasks independently without programmers fully understanding how they learned it." Cant´ we just introduce a kill switch or something similar to make it possible to shut the system down if it start to go bananas? One angle is if we are introducing some kind of kill switch or disconnect an AI system from the Internet or any other global network will remove some of the benefits using AI for our, and the environment, good. At the same time we do not know if, our most likely, when a super intelligent AI will emerge, and then it might be to late to put the genie back into its lamp. Is all dark then? Not at all but it requires an open discussion around the topics raised also outside the scientific area and in computer science and computer businesses. But the most important step is to increase the level of human comprehension. We cannot increase it by just following the logical path. We need to enter a parallell path of increased consciousness that will enable a much greater possibility of comprehending what is happening within AI and also in all other complicated challenges facing all of us on this planet. A path that allows us to get insight within causal knowledge merged with our well developed logical understanding. Be Conscious Ulf


    It is easy to say that I know myself. I know who I am. But do we really? I would say no to the question. We know bits and pieces. Some true and other more or less adjusted. Is it even possible to get to know yourself? I think we can but it requires a bit of work from us. You can’t fill in a form or protocol mechanically and then you are done. There are elements of reflection involved as well as elements of being true to oneself involved. There are at least three different aspects to take a look at to start the process of getting to know yourself deeper than you do today. A knowledge that will increase in importance when the development of our technology and our society spins faster and faster. One aspect is your formal education, This one is the easiest one to put on paper and to highlight. A not so easy part is to reflect on why this or that degree was the one I chose to take. How well has it fit in to the profession I have? Is there a match or is my profession more of a coincidence. Another aspect is what actually are of my deeper interest. What things do I like to do? What makes me feel enthusiastic or makes me feeling well? What does it mean for me to conducting these things? A third aspect is the things I do and where I have a real grounded experience. I can say that in this or that area I have real experience and competence. I can, and I have conducted this many times. Looking at them piece by piece will give some answers. Looking at them as a whole will give other answers. They might even highlight a pattern that can govern you in future choices. But this step need a different kind of reflection, one for each piece, and another one for the merged view. When you have achieved a holistic view of who you are you have increased the knowledge of who you are, what your drivers are, and why they look like they do. There are certainly deeper aspects to look for but that requires another set of tools and knowledge. This can be obtained from Futures of Man. Be conscious! Ulf


    Do we face a dark or bright future? Is there even a choice to be made or is it already too late? Of course not, there is a possibility for a bright future but we need to take action. We, all of us, can picture different futures for ourselves and all around us, by creating future scenarios that embraces not only ourselves , but all living species. We in a sense can come our own future. By putting in other parameters into the equation the outcome will change. The creation of different kind of scenarios where we choose the one most suitable quite so easy as it requires Sounds really easy doesn’t it? Sorry to make you disappointed, it is not quite so easy as it requires an increased level of awareness. We have to face the fact that the way we do things today, and the way we live is not a sustainable one. The other thing to embrace is that all around us is intertwined and connected. Meaning that we need to change something. This awareness need to be input as factors in the future scenario we create. If we only put in EGO, all will stay as it is, leading to a dark future. Modern science is developing tools, products and methods that can help with the transformation to a sustainable way of living. We as individuals, and collective, need to support and reinforce the efforts made by science. One example, coming from the research to establish a human base on Mars, or elsewhere in space. With scarce resources and energy most of the infrastructure has to be produced locally. This requires methods of extracting raw material directly from the soil. Science already have ideas, and possibly tools and methods ready. Things that could be used here on Earth to extract raw material we need, instead of continuing with old fashion, environmentally dangerous methods. We need to listen to the science and scientists that are working on new technologies in the forefront, a science that has taken a holistic view to solv problems and challenges. The dogmatic science will have to be abandoned because it has helped us to get where we are right now. The new science will help us to get where we ought to be. There is a bright future, if we engage, get us a holistic view of mother Earth, and take the steps we can to start the change. Every action along this path matters. Be conscious! Ulf


    Mother Earth, or if you prefer the universe, is sending signals to mankind to make a stop. It signals; Humans, ”Take one step, or several, back and reflect on what is happening around us such as pandemic, drought, unsuspected storms and war raging the planet. Consider what we need to do to make the situation change.” The environmental changes has been evident for a long period of time but the only thing we do, on a global level, is to have nice meetings and documents presented that no one is prepared to actually fulfill. The story repeats itself when we move closer and closer to the edge. In the meantime we see an increase in temperature all over the globe. The biggest changes in the areas where many of our glaciers and is shelfs reside. Storms of a magnitude we have not experienced before. Rain storms that affects areas that usually had a more stable situation. Bringing the water calculated for 100 or 200 years floods. Lucky those who made preparations. Heatwaves entering different countries with full impact, both countries used to high temperatures and countries not so used. Creating a great amount of difficulties for people and animals, as well as for farmers trying to grow crops in a hot climate without the usual rains. We continue to cut down the rain Forests to grow things we can use for feeding animals or to grow crops we humans use in all kinds of food and stuff. No, or little, consideration for the impacted environment and impacted animals. Different Pandemic diseases occur locally or globally. The Covid 19, a global one, did hit the world hard. Different vaccines produced at a high speed. The distribution followed old patterns. Distributed to the rich countries first, then the ones with less financial strength. The preparedness showed a great lack of foresight. Covid has not left the scene when another Pandemic shows it face to the world. Monkeypox enters into the scene. No one knows how it will evolve and spread. The latest brutal sign is the war that is ongoing in Ukraine. Russia has launched a ”military special operation” to denazify Ukraine and liberate the population. One big problem is that Ukraine is a sovereign democracy that does not need a liberation. Different dictators make their voice heard over the globe. This one hits Europe in the belly and suddenly we wake up and understand that democracy and liberty need to be defended. This goes for all wars. The freedom must be protected. A very dark introduction perhaps, but still, this is how it looks for the time being. We just carry on towards the edge of the cliff. No one seem to care, even if there are many humans that do their very best to change the situation. But it is not very smart to put our hope to politicians with narrow mindset and narrow time span. Politicians that do not consider todays decisions impact seven generations away from now. To find the solution among the established society do not seem to be a good solution either, if we look a bit in the mirror. Who shall take the signs as they are and not sweat them under the carpet so to speak? The answer is both simple and complicated at the same time. Actually it is you and me that can change the situation. The power of the individuals is a very strong force when put into coordinated action. The starting point is to increase our awareness of how the situation actually are. Try to understand the impact from the different areas on us right now. How it will affect our daily lives. How it will impact the environment we live in, right here and now. Taking into consideration that the”tax payers” cannot help everyone. Taking into the consideration of how my actions impact the life of my children and their children lives. What kind of environment will I leave to them coming after myself? With increased awareness it is possible to create other narratives that give yourself a good life to live. Maybe, or most likely, a bit different from how we live today, but a life of higher quality where we take the ones around us, as well as the nature, in consideration before we take action. With a new and expanded awareness we can put forward real demands to our politicians and remove the ones that will not adapt to the new situation using the power we have. Demanding politicians and other leaders to be transparent with their agendas, incomes and other vital information. The power we can gather as consumers can be very powerful. We simply stop buying from companies and stores that refuse to adapt to the new playground. Circular economies has to replace the capitalist model long term. Companies that continue to harm nature, including us humans, shall experience a ban to their products. All this seem to be very radical, but it is actually necessary. Our political leaders will not get their butt mowing, just start another investigation. The answers are all around us. Science, put together from a holistic view, has proposed several solutions. The same goes for companies and stores with a forward looking long term view. They invent products and solutions that will work in harmony with nature. The ongoing war comes with bad things, but in parallell it brings opposite forces for peace. There is always a polarity. Good and bad. We need to spark an opposite force towards shortsightedness , ego and what’s in it for me. The ignition starts with increased awareness. If we collaborate with nature instead of rape it things will have a possibility to be really good. We all have the possibility to increase our awareness and chose to care for the ones coming after us. Be Conscious Ul


    June 2020 I Jon Frang Mostad Climate crisis and artificial intelligence, the challenges for humans are not small. Our online magazine Futures of Man has made a conscious choice, looking positively for the future. We could have chosen the opposite, to look negatively at the future. A negative choice would not make the future easier, moreover, there is no need to stick with your lip. 'The energy follows the thoughts', an old word of wisdom. The way you think you become -Â as long as thoughts are energy and energy is matter, the more you create the future you imagine. I am proud to be a contributor to Futures of Man - the online magazine that seeks out positive future scenarios for humans. Futures of Man sees the future in many perspectives that humans can choose. Futures of Man seeks paths where people can continue their journey in peace and equality. This was the commercial, are you ready for my text? You may have read my previous text, 'Consciousness in Cosmos'? If not, then hurry, you are a co-creator of the cosmic consciousness and this is not a flirt. In the text I write about how modern scientific thinking has begun to ponder what ancient great knowledge cultures knew, namely that the cosmos is aware, I have a great message to you. In the text you are currently reading, I am creating some views on how to expand your own awareness while building the Cosmos. First and foremost, 'awareness' is a major theme. Neither psychology, neuro-science, nor philosophy has been able to provide a satisfactory answer. On the other hand, if I visit ancient scientific priests and astrologers, I find the keys to an exciting answer. Right now, in this text, I must refine to point to my colleague Jarle's text on "Holistic-Science-Epigenetics". There you will find an exciting perspective described. Well, what is awareness? For Man, awareness is the notion we can make about reality. Here are the 5 human senses essential tools. People see, hear, smell, taste and touch. These five senses create thoughts and images of a reality we can understand. For Man, reality is made up of length, width and height. What we call the 3 dimensional reality and we write it as 3D. Man has really big problems imagining other realities, because we have no senses that make it possible. Or is it not so? Am I telling you an untruth now? Maybe. Let me take a little detour. What is Extended Awareness? The human ear can hear sound in the voltage range between 20 Hz at the lowest and 20,000 Hz at the highest. The elephant can hear sounds from 12 Hz. What is it that the elephant can hear between 12 Hz and 20 Hz that Man cannot hear? Man's sense of smell is said to be our oldest sense, we can actually remember events in which we do not have mental pictures as long as we can recognize smell. What about the dog? Its sense of smell is hundreds of thousands of times stronger than human's. What is the dog smell that Man cannot?  Science know that the large marine mammals, the whales, navigate their voyages in the ocean, after the stars, even though the whales have not seen a star? What do the whales see? This is about realities that humans have no awareness of. There are realities that an expanded awareness can sense and make sense of. Now we are at the key to understanding what I mean by "expanded awareness». If humans can use their senses to understand larger realities, then this is about expanding their awareness. The expanded awareness I speak to Man is quite unlike the awareness of both elephants, dogs and whales. I'm talking about an expanded human awareness. Expanded awareness of Man is the result of an evolution of senses, emotions and thoughts, which extends beyond the physical needs of the body, the illusions of emotions and the fictions of thought. This may sound a bit philosophical, but it is about Man being "the boss in his own body". It is the awareness of Man to be individual in a serving fellowship with others for the common good of all, which is 'extended awareness’. With such awareness, war and climate crisis dissolve, and the artificial intelligence that my colleague Ulf wrote about is a servant to man and not a threat. How to develop your awareness? The late swedish esoterician and author Henry T. Laurency explains evolution as the development of awareness. All evolution of all matter and all forms of life is about the development of cosmic awareness. A great theme and very exciting! Laurency also says that humans can actively contribute to their evolution. The question is how? This is a very demanding question. Although not Laurency is quite clear on how we can get it done, he does lay out some certain clues. In my careless audacity and in a fit of overrated self-esteem, I have written a book published in Norway and Denmark, written in the respective countries' languages ​​and not yet in English, regardint this question. In the book I show a way to help you through a process to create new self-confidence and expand your awareness. Let me see if I can get back to the tools of the book in later texts. Futures of Man has a positive outlook on humanity and in the futures of humans. By being active in our own evolution, each of us can help build an awareness that holds peace, balance the nature and develope the consciousness of Cosmos. It's all waiting for us. Jon Forgotten Law of Nature tells «Energy follow thoughts». As long as thoughts are energy and energy manifests in matter, you will become the one the way you think. Ancient wisdom knew so, now do you. Awareness is a major theme, for not to say expanded awareness. No science has been able to provide a satisfactory answer. However, you will find a key to understanding by visiting ancient wisdom. It is about a not so complicated study. Expanded awareness of Man is the result of an evolution of senses, emotions and thoughts, which extends beyond the physical needs of the body, the illusions of emotions and the fictions of thought. This may sound a bit philosophical, but it is within range. 5 hindrances to self-mastery| Master Shi Heng Yi | TEDxVitosha What Self-Awareness Really Is (and How to Cultivate It) | Tasha Euric The Gene Keys | Richard Rudd Go Back To Portals: -> Technology -> Holistic Science -> Consciousness


    July 2019 For a long time I’ve tried to understand intuition. What is this "feeling" of knowing what is right? Where does this conviction come from, telling me "this is what I should do"? You may well have had many times where you "just know» what to choose, do or think? Is there a level of insight that knows what I don't know? An unconscious level of knowledge that I can become familiar with? Where is this level of knowledge, is it stored in my brain, is there a field I can connect to? When can I know that an «impulse» is an impulse and not an «answer from my intuition»? How can I understand the relationship between impulse and intuition? Are we talking about the same or two different consciousness dimensions? Impulse and intuition are the subject of this week's reflections on my part. I post my texts on Friday at 7 PM CET (Central European Time). Then I follow up the theme of the week with quotes and captions on Instagram where you find me as @mostadjon. Feel free to follow my blog; get the text of the week directly in your mail box. Follow me on Instagram and comment on my micro-poetry, I will be glad if I find a comment from you. I write my texts regardless of political and religious thinking, and I see myself as a motivational speaker with particular interest in mythical and spiritual subjects. Why is this theme interesting to me? Understanding the future is particularly interesting to me. Through processes where I have collaborated with future researchers, I understand that the future can be created by me. How? The future does not come to me, in a slow film. The future arises and it ’s always disruptive. The fact that the future is disruptive means that it replaces the old one. The disruption is a result of large and strong forces, and the future scientists call these driving forces for megatrends. From statistics, the megatrends can be described, this is the task of the future researchers. By combining the megatrends in different links, we can produce future scenarios. Then we can analyze our strengths and weaknesses and choose the preferred future scenario. Once the desired scenario is selected, people can attract their desired future. Man can do futures scenarios, choose, manifest and attract the desired future. For such a process to succeed, you must know yourself. Knowing your self is to be aligned with your Inherent I. You can find your self in two editions, your Acquired I and your Inherent I. You can find reflections in my blog, explaining what Acquired I and Inherent I , involves. You search for words in the blog's index. Anyone who is to develop himself should know himself. Because you are in two editions, the exploration process is demanding, at the same time it is quite possible. A major and important argument for humans to meet the future with an active choice, is grounded in the challenges that technological evolution drives forward. I am particularly concerned with artificial intelligence and what it creates of changes for man. In several of my texts, I deal with the subject of artificial intelligence and you can seek out the theme using the keywords in my blog. The different levels of consciousness "Mastering Your Self" is the gateway to the future of man. With the development of an artificial intelligence that surpasses human intelligence in all that has to do with remembering, sorting, connecting and producing answers, I say to my students "Artificial intelligence is intelligent, not conscious. Man is conscious, not intelligent». In the face of artificial intelligence, man must construct a new narrative of the concepts of intelligence and consciousness. I am inspired by the theosophical beliefs. Theosophy is a synthesis of philosophy, religion, science and art. Theosophy gives me explanations and access to beliefs that allow me, in my way, to understand man in a physical and spiritual dimension. Theosophy explains to me a lower and a higher consciousness. This is to be understood so that the physical body belongs to matter as it manifests on planet Earth and therefore becomes the "lower" form of consciousness. To this lower form of consciousness (which should not be understood as "low" or "high" in a valuation), hears the physical body's structure and functions, nervous system, instincts, desires and emotions. This lower form of consciousness is super intelligent and autonomous. The higher form of consciousness consists of the mental and causal forms. The mental consciousness is human's ability to make logical and analytical beliefs, to operate a physical life regardless of the autonomous physical processes in the body and regardless of instincts, desires and emotions. The causal consciousness holds all the underlying forms of consciousness. Causality is a tissue of causes and effects, in an interaction we do not know.. When the result is "as it is» what is the cause? The causal consciousness is about relationships that are also called "intuitive". Intuition is explained as an immediate understanding, insight or sensation, a form of inner cognition. The causal / intuitive knowledge arises as knowledge without reflection or reasoning. The intuition involves no understanding of the logical context, as the mental consciousness operates. My image of consciousness as lower and higher is inspired by Theosophy. Consciousness is the active state of the Spirit in manifested existence; the world as it appears. Therefore, all matter is consciousness. Consciousness exists as to what form of manifestation it takes. It can be linked to minerals, plants, animals, humans and the spiritual forms of consciousness. Theosophy states that matter is spirit at its "lowest" manifested level, and spirit is the expression of matter at its "highest" manifested level. Unfortunately, it is beyond the scope of this text to take a closer look at this story, but you can find texts in my blog where I write about spirit, matter and consciousness. Poetically, we can say that the lower consciousness extends its roots to the earth as spirit and the higher consciousness extends its leaves toward the sky as matter. Impulse versus intuition In my quote I say: "Follow your impulses - obey your intuition". This message holds a "secret". I'll explain it to you before I quit. Let me say a few words about what I understand by the term "impulse". The term is explained both by the Science of Nature (physics) and by the Science of Society (psychology). Physics defines impulse as the "amount of motion" which is the product of a particle's mass and speed. Impulse is also a vector in the direction of speed. Psychology uses the term impulse in explanations that deal with drives (desires, needs) and affections, which are about the experience of emotions. Psychology defines impulse as a "sudden inner urge to act in a certain way" or even as an "idea that initiates a particular development". Almost as a sketch, I have drawn up what sciences say about impulses. What does the Science of Spirit explains? In search of explains, I have to change concept. In the Science of Spirit, "instinct" is the closest I come to "impulse." Instinct is based on "instinctus" (from Latin) and is explained as an "inner operation", "encouragement", "persuasion". Science of Spirituality connects the instinct to the evolution of experiencing matter, which is expressed as unconscious patterns of reaction. I see relationships between the physics "movement" and "direction", the psychology’s "experience" and "initiation», and the spirituality’s "inner operation" and "unconscious reactions". So what is intuition? I have long tried to understand "intuition" as a source, skill and tool. Excelent researchers and writers have published results and books, and I have read several of them, without becoming so much wiser. Where does the intuition differ from the impulse? Intuition is often explained as an "immediate understanding". An understanding that is something other than the result of a reflected and thoughtful thought. The intuitive understanding "knows" with certainty, almost like a "confession". It can act as a strong conviction and it can control our choice. Intuition is like "hearing what doesn't have sound, seeing what doesn't have form and understanding what's not going on" (Mostad). It is something more and something other than an instinctive operating or emotional impulse. Intuition is also understood as synonymous with causalities we are unable to sense or understand with that 3D thought (about 3D consciousness; see the blog for more information). Intuition, as I use the term, expresses the higher form of cognition and it involves "knowledge" of hidden relationships that are not understandable to cognition and the lower form of consciousness. Exit "Follow your impulses" can be a good advice. Your instincts, aspirations and emotions are given the body as wise wizards. They guide and support the lower consciousness and are good traveling friends. However, be aware that they serve the ego and therefore participate in the game of controlling the body and life. The ego follows its own desires and you can easily become a prey to your needs. "Obey the intuition" is the advice I will give you. I can give you some advice, as long as it is not a specialty and personal advice directed at a particular action. The intuition speaks the language of the higher contexts. You know when you "hear what doesn't sound, see what doesn't have form and understand what's not going," then the intuition speaks to you. The intuition speaks the insight of the higher consciousness and it speaks in a language you do not know. The intuition does not necessarily lead you to the simple and quick choices, but to the right ones. You should train your discernment to understand what comes to you as an impulse and what comes as intuition. You find the difference by asking the insertion - "Who are you, where do you come from and are you true?" Good luck. Jon Anyone who knows the secrets of intuition, may come from a world other than Earth. Most do not seem to distinguish between impulse and intuition. The one who 'hear what does not sound, see what does not have form and understand what is not thought', has activated his intuition and know the secret language of the Universe. Follow your impulses. They may be important signals of proper actions, but usually they speak on behalf of a disgruntled ego. Make sure: - a higher knowledge is available to you. It sees causes and effects you do not immediately understand. It is named intuition and act on behalf of the soul. Mastering yourself is about distinguishing between desire driven impulses and intuition. For the untrained, the impulses may appear to be great teachers, but do not be fooled. Instincts, the illusions of the senses and the trick of the ego, try to control you. Keep them all in a tight leash. When the time is ripe, you will recognize the sign of the soul. LECTURE #1 The energy of thought  | Penny Zenker ARTICLE #1 The Noble Eightfold Path | Walpola Sri Rahula The Buddha’s practical instructions to reach the end of suffering READINGS #1 Mind It's Mysteries and Control | Swami Sivananda Go Back To Portals: -> Technology -> Holistic Science -> Consciousness

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