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The Philosophy of Futures of Man

Futures of Man is a window to a world larger than the sensory reality we all perceive. This larger world is driven by megatrends and progressive technological development. The future arises in various formats that all have in common that they are disruptive; they tear down well-known notions and replace them with new ones.


Under certain conditions, you can predict, choose and form your preferred future. Through ideas, methods and practical tools for communication, self-development and spiritual immersion, Futures of Man represents an opportunity.


Our philosophy is based on an encounter between a Western and an Eastern science, where what is measurable meets what is based on spirituality. The scientific and phenomenological understanding of the world, creates a new possibility we identify as "L'altro mondo" - The other world.


Our thoughts on future forceless communication, spiritual awakening and insight into evolutionary hidden and forgotten laws of nature, combined with the methodological work of futures research on megatrends and future possibilities, are the domain of Futures of Man.


Futures of Man's philosophy is expressed through our community, in our books, the articles we write and in the programs you can participate in. If you choose to study our Magazine more closely, you will find three perspectives that express our way of thinking. From here we create tools and practical programs. The specialization can be found in our books and programs. On Instagram, you will find our views expressed in the form of Quotes and Captions.


Magazine, our Speakers Corner, sortes our articles by these three perspectives:



Philosophy - with focus on spiritual awakening, communication and education


Is the perspective where we think aloud, try new insights and connect the mythical world with the sensible and measurable world. The human brain is unique in that it is able to reflect on values, patterns and practical actions. Our articles fall into this category, marked by being written in a narrative scientific style where the notions of antiquity and the present, meet and create new perspectives of human futures.


Science - with focus on artificial intelligence, human integration and sustainability


Is the perspective where we present and discuss what research and experience across academic disciplines and traditions, tells about new physical and technological insights, opportunities and challenges of artificial intelligence and meditative strategies in the development of sustainability.


Evolution - with focus on the science of the quantum, cosmology and environment


Is the perspective where we look for new applied knowledge developed by metaphysics combined with recent cosmology, and where we dive deep into the ancient science of hidden and forgotten natural laws for the process of evolution. Here, an equilibrium is presented, ie a meeting place, between what the ancient science had of insights united with modern forms of thought and research.



You are most welcome to our world of philosophy


Futures of Man

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