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  • Ulf Kurkiewicz

l'altro mondo

The other world - l'altro mondo, a expression I met in Italy during a vacation during the early 1980s. It was the name of a discotheque in Rimini/Riccione. A popular and spectacular one, still in operation today. I introduced the name into the update of the homepage for Futuresofman. The idea of Futuresofman was to go to places where few dared to go. Spiritual places and places that helped you to increase your awareness and consciousness.

During a meditation and contemplation I realized that I might have taken the wrong approach. Maybe we should not look for the other world. Maybe it is us that is in the other world while the rest of species, plants, soil and rocks is in the unified world. From that perspective it makes sense that we are the ones living in l'altro mondo. The human race that has the peculiarity to regard all things as resources just to grab. No or very little consideration if it is a good thing to do or if it is a harmless activity.

Today we know that the predatory exploitation of natural elements such as oil, mineral, meet, fish and trees in deed is harmful. Not only for the things as such, but also for our own health and our own environment.

As everything literally is made of the same stuff and that everything relates to every other element, you can say everything is conscious. There really is no separation between elements in the Universe, it is something invented by man and the ego of man. Maybe a necessary step in the evolution of mankind moving from oneness to wholeness. There are good signs heading in that direction, but at the same time there is signs and activities moving fast away from the unification path.

All the energies and vibrations which forms the basis of the Universe might with good reasons look upon humanity and rightfully say that they live in the other world. They can just hope that sanity and increased awareness of the situation and an increased spiritual consciousness will take root in humanity.

Maybe you find the article dark, and it is, but it is also a snapshot of how it looks in the world today. The coming articles will put focus on what can be done to increase awareness and consciousness.

This article will be the last published on the Futuresofman homepage. Futuresofman will undergo changes and be transformed into the next phase of development.

Stay Conscious


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