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Carnival is the days when people prepare for the long fast. Carnival is the period when Man searches his senses, needs and explores his unknown sides. The long fast is the period of reflection, purification and the establishment of new insights.

IDA invites you to leave an old time perception and step into a new one - an invitation to quite the mask and to become the pure and great you.



The Realm of Man is an expression of the development of consciousness. 

As far as Man has evolved, consciousness has evolved in evolution on its way to union with ONE. The journey has lasted for infinity of time and will last for infinity of time, but every wingbeat is reflected in the Universe, creates movement and brings all matter on to the great meeting.

You can actively influence your life, even if the path may seem blurred, and draw the line for the development that will follow in your next life.



The purpose of evolution is the development of consciousness, as ancient scholars thought. If these sages are right, then a higher consciousness awaits all matter, sometime in the future of infinity. I find hope in the notion that everyone dies but no one is dead.

In the Universe, the energy does not disappear, it is recreated. Every life is a journey of discovery. We will search and we will find new insights, this is how the Universe creates itself.

You have just read DELTA, a collection of texts and performances that point forward.

DELTA is based on sources of knowledge that are hidden and forgotten, but which also call on us. I think you have read DELTA because in you there is a knowledge that corresponds.

Through WISDOM you will find the PATH and if you make the CHOICES you will create a greater life for yourself and others.

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