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  • Ulf Kurkiewicz


All around us there is polarity forcing people to chose side, putting people standing against each other. It is time to expand our awareness to find balancing polarity will open up a new world of possibilities and new possibilities of behavior.

It is common that many of us have focus on winning discussions, making plans of how to climb the ladder at work, or finding ways to get rich. Sometimes we get caught in the wheel of seemingly having a better status than our neighbors or friends. In many cases we act like puppets on a string controlled by polarity. I am right and you are wrong. My way is better than your way. My country and its form of guidance is sovereign to yours.

This kind of behaviour has forced us in to conflict and sometimes into war. It benefits our ego, at least at it seems, but the dark side is aggressiveness, split and lack of empathy. Putting the ego in center makes us less interested to understand the damage we create in the surroundings and to other beings.

To handle the challenges we are facing as a human beings controlling many aspects of our planet we need to come up with a better way to how to act. We are just extracting the resources of the planet without considering the impact it has on every other living beings, us included. The ego dimension has had its benefits and still need to exist but in a completely developed way. We need to move from ”what’s in it for me” towards ”how can we co-create a solution” that will benefit all beings.

Such a step might look impossible to achieve but in my meaning it is possible but it requires a shift in mindset. A mindset with increased awareness of balancing things and situations. If you put in balance into the polarity situation you opens up possibilities to highlight all the different solutions that actually exist along the polarity line.

Putting in balance in a situation where you have your self on one end and the others in the other end of the axis creates the possibility of seeing both self and the others in a new perspective. If you create harmony with the others it will create a clear sense of self. Having the sense of harmony will hinder you to destroy the lives of the others just because you want to have something for yourself. Putting yourself in the situation of the others will give you the tools for reaching harmony.

In every situation where there is polarity it is also possible to add balance. Putting two perspectives against each other is a good starting point if you are prepared to look at it from a balancing point of view. If you do that the possibility to co-create a solution will emerge.

We all know that our way of living hurts the planet and all the beings on it. We have lost respect for all life as self-appointed masters of the planet. Taken the right to explore everything possible to our own benefit. We are all, every being, faced with the consequences. But there is a choice that can be made. A choice to move into a state of co-creation. Leaving the way of win or lose, to a way of perspectives. A way based on increased awareness of how everything is connected. That we all are depending on each other, regardless of the kind of being.

Maybe it sounds like an impossible task but even small changes conducted by many will create big difference. Take a look on the short video.

Be conscious!


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