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  • Ulf Kurkiewicz


Most of us are busy with our work, hobbies, interests or other types of activities. Our calendars are filled with activities we want to do and our social media are constantly clamoring for attention. The only question is, is this what we want to do or have we just been caught up in the general maelstrom?

What do I want to achieve with what I am doing? Is it the pursuit of self-satisfaction or the pursuit of status and influence that drives? Do I have a clear goal with what I am doing and am I filled with satisfaction and joy when I reach the goals I formulated and set?

If the answer is self-satisfaction, then you can calmly trudge on, but if your goal is to somehow create a better and sustainable future for your loved ones, then maybe a little deeper look into yourself and what you really want is needed.

Do you need to do a psychoanalysis or take a personality test, there are several variants available, to find out what you are looking for? In my opinion you don't have to but you do need to spend some time getting to know yourself and being honest with yourself.

You can start by writing down what studies you have conducted. What degrees or other formal education you have obtained. Simply make a list and write down your motivations for each education you chose to undertake. Do the same with your interests, list and rank them and write down your motivations for each individual activity or interest. Finally, you make a list of the jobs you've had and write down a motivation for why you chose that particular job or workplace.

You have now acquired information about your education, interests and jobs and for each you have made a short justification as to why. This gives you an insight into yourself and it needs to be added with a description of the dreams, thoughts or ideas you have about what you would really like to do. The last task probably requires you to think and fantasize a bit.

All this is aimed at one thing, to make you more familiar with yourself and the choices you have made and the dreams you may be carrying. To deepen your understanding of yourself one more level, you can usefully reflect on the information you have created about yourself. A reflection in several different perspectives. Some examples could be Theoretical reflection, Affective reflection, Conceptual reflection, and/or Hypothetical reflection. Add your reflections to the description you already have. Read it several times, and if you dare, let someone who knows you read and give comments.

Based on the description you now have of yourself, you can compare how your goals, educations and work correspond with what you would like to do deep down inside. If they match, you are doing the things that are right for you. If there is a mismatch between what you do and what you want to do and what you are passionate about, change work is required. Partly to more clearly describe what it is you want to do and partly in which context it would fit best.

Can one break free from the shackles of the present? Yes, but I will write more about that in another article, in the meantime you can start thinking about the things you consider yourself good at, how valid are they really? Do you have a true image of yourself or is it a somewhat adapted and embellished image? It's not about pulling yourself down, but about getting to know yourself in a deeper and more objective way. This is a starting point to be able to create a clearer vision of the future.

Be conscious!


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