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July 30, 2017 | Jon Mostad

We’ve inherited the mathematical term DELTA from Pythagoras.

Pythagoras was trained as a clergyman and was ordained into the Egyptians’ religion of science. The Egyptians philosophize and analysed their way to the conclusion that the Universe’s power of creation that was ONE – consisted of THREE co-creational forces. In the book “Dawn – A new path to self-examination and expanded consciousness”, I interpret these three forces in the three words THE IMAGE (the fixating and masculine force), THE MOVEMENT (the birthing and feminine force) and THE CONSCIOUSNESS (the function of the masculine and feminine forces combined, referred to as the child of the two).

We find this TRINITY in ONE creational power in Judaism (Moses was also trained as a clergyman by Pharaoh and brought his secret insight with him when he freed the Jews from slavery in Egypt); in Christianity (in which it is called the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and we also believe that Jesus was an ordained to the Egyptians’ knowledge); and we find it in Islam (the youngest of the monotheistic religions).

DELTA is the fourth letter in the Greek alphabet… not the third, and is drawn as an ascending pyramid. This ascending pyramid symbolises the evocation (the ascent, the mobilisation to war, actually); what I in the book call returning back to the Monad – to the Spirit.

We come to Earth to leave Earth, but the gravity on Earth is enormously powerful. We are held back physically – the evocation is impeded by gravity. Because of this, Earth is considered a ‘heavy planet’ to reincarnate on. The effect becomes karmically important when the soul bears to break free and return. How does this happen? With what force?

In order to break through gravity’s inhibiting grasp, the Soul in the human body needs a thrust that, when initiated, defeats gravity.

When mathematicians want to instigate a result in an equation, that in itself doesn’t provide the desired result, a delta may be added to the equation – what mathematicians call a ‘differential operator’. The delta distributes and transfers force between the components in the exchange – the way a locking differential does in a vehicle with, say, 4 wheels, where one wheel is spinning ‘to no avail’. By adding the delta function to one of the equations’ components, the mathematician creates an exponential result. (1+2)3 doesn’t equal 9, but DELTA 9!

DELTA is drawn as an equilateral triangle. Each point of angle its equal weight – its equal face. The sum of the DELTA’s three functions is the fourth function – the meta-function, the instigating force.

From the moment we invoke (step into life) on Earth, the evocation begins – the return to the Monad/Spirit. The journey through life is a coherent evocation in the form of a spiritual and physical evolution. A process of growth and learning.

Each and everyone of us can identify our DELTA and as such initiate it; use it in its meta-function at every step in life on the road back to the Monad. Our DELTA is like the lift force nature uses to stretch its leaves towards the sky – without any use of muscle. DELTA is the force of growth the dandelion uses to lift its yellow and bushy head through the pavement, towards the light.

We can pass through life without activating our DELTA, and we can activate it – a world of difference. Buddha says in his teachings that few pass over the river; most run up and down the one shore.

You who have identified your DELTA haven’t necessarily activated it. A deep process of acknowledgement and training under guidance is necessary.

We stand in the middle of summer. Nature lifts itself towards Sun-Logos and grows through force – in its DELTA.

Time for you, too?


Ps: So many thank to my critical friend and most professional translater:

Synne Victoria Guldahl for support :

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