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Futures of Man Instagram 

Instagram is our preferred platform for direct and concentrated communication to our followers. You may follow regular posts that express our performances. 

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Futures of Man define ourselves as an Influencer. We seek influence on thinking and actions that move human consciousnessin position to future images driven by megatrends.

If you follow us on Instagram, you will receive regular updates,

access to the comments field and a place in our community.

The path towards l’altro mondo 

L’altro mondo means “The other world”. Futures of Man invites you to ideas, methods and practical actions in self-development and future positioning. We use ideas, tools and procedures that combine knowledge from our existing world and the experimental "other world" - the world of phenomena. On our website you will find out more.

What is Futures of Man?

A place for inspiration, a publishing house and a pedagogical movement towards change of awareness and future positioning

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Futures of Man is both an idea, a community and a studio where you get support to be a participant in your own development, to select your desired future and to take the position you choose for yourself. You can be an active participant in the development of our idea, our environment and our experiences, and we will be present for you as a colleague and mentor

What you gain from Futures of Man?

Inspiration to develop your perceptions of yourself on a higher level,learn to apply sophisticated development processes and support

to implement significant changes in life

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Futures of Man offers you to be a colleague who is present for your development processes. You may wish to be informed about what is happening globally in areas within philosophy, science and technology. You may have a desire to develop your knowledge of yourself in a larger perspective and you may have a wish to be active in your transfer into your selected future. Our posts on Instagram, articles, programs and books tell what you can count on. 

How you gain what from Futures of Man?

Idea, will and action on your part triggers support, guidance and opportunities on our part You got what you take! 

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Futures of Man thinks like this: you are who you decide to become. Thought creates reality, as long as you add will. We use texts, webinars, videos, Master Classes, individual guidance and seminars. You can follow our programs online and through physically participating in our events.

The philosophy of Futures of Man

Our senses limit our notions of reality. By expanding our sensory universe,

we will transform our notions of reality. From this view we can go into action. 

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Futures of Man bases its philosophy on an encounter between the science of the West and the East. We perceive thought as a sensory organ and all sensory organs can be metamorphosed. Reality is sensory shaped and therefore it can be transformed. The future comes in many editions and we can choose matrix. Our philosophy is both symbolic, scientific and experience-based. Read more in our articles and books. 

The programs of Futures of Man

Our programs include communication, self-insight, expanded awareness, conversion of competence and choice of preferred future

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Futures of Man delivers programs created in a meeting

between  Western and Eastern philosophy.

Therefore, the programs will be scientifically based on familiar

thinking for most people but also seem foreign to many.

Our programs develop insights and skills in how meeting futures

that will arise, where you must make choices and take active actions.

Futures of Man Magazine

Magazine is our speaker's corner. Here we express perspectives,

reflections and opinions in three divisions

Philosophy, Science and Evolution.

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Futures of Man publishes monthly articles and sorts the content as they express philosophical thoughts often related to ancient sciences about the myths, contemporary scientific discoveries often related to metaphysics and technology, and to notions of evolution of creative processes based on thinking from science of spirituality. Magazine has regular article writers and guest writers. You can be one of them!

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