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  • Ulf Kurkiewicz

Find your inner frequency

I have worked and applied different forms of leadership for many years. A question that struck me was why it is so difficult to bring about a change in people or organizations. I turned my gaze inward towards myself and examined myself based on the same question.

Probably thought that it didn't apply to me because I had such a solid education in this and considered myself a person who was very dynamic and prone to change. I had received that as feedback many times.

I probably needed to find some other tools to be able to value myself in a more profound and honest way. During my search I came into contact with people who could help me with different methods to get to know myself on a new level. By really trying to find out as much as I could about myself, the way opened to be able to observe myself in a more objective way. Things that I attributed to myself, qualities I had and knowledge and experiences turned out not to be quite right. It was one thing to have theoretical knowledge of something than to actually apply it in real life.

However, it was not about cutting down myself, but about clarifying my own behavior linked to my own self-image. To clean out the incorrect self-image in order to gradually act according to the self-image I wanted. Easier said than done but with small steps I was able to clear out either behaviors or change the self-image so that it was more consistent with my behavior.

During the trip, I ventured into areas that I had no experience with before. Had to immerse myself in philosophical, spiritual, alternative methods, methods from modern future research and other modern research in the field of quantum physics. Also introduced myself to meditation, which I now apply, reiki, yoga, energy work with the chakras and shamanism. Each area has its own expression and application with one thing in common. We are all connected with, and created by, energy. The meaning of the word all broadened my horizons, all, or rather all and everything, means all that exists here. Results from experiments in quantum physics support what has been recorded from ancient civilizations. In a way, we are energy beings that can be influenced, both from within and without.

Based on what I have absorbed through studies, dialogues, testing different alternative methods, I have been able to find out my foundation values and how well I lived according to them. Can't say I was very proud of myself at the beginning of that process. In a way, that realization became a starting point for my journey of change. If everything and everyone consists of energy and is connected, it means that we are one and that the wholeness becomes an important starting point for the journey. I shall apply my basic values so that they become of value to the wholeness.

Everything I will do in the future will have that as a foundation. To be able to do that, I need to constantly work on increasing my self-awareness and face everything and everyone I meet with an open mind. This does not mean that I should give up every thing I do today, just that I should make conscious decisions based on an overall perspective. Many times I don't succeed in that, but by observing my actions and my emotions when I don't succeed, I have learned something new and can do better on a similar occasion.

Everything and everyone that lives and exists here has a task of some kind. We are parts of a large ecosystem and we are all needed. We are all unique in one way or another and we are all connected to each other. Most of us don't know what our big task in life is, even though I'm starting to have a pretty clear picture of what I'm going to do and work on in the future. I have made several iterations of my goals as I expanded my knowledge, applied new methods and created a vision for the future. With each iteration, the goal becomes clearer and activities to move me forward can be created for each new iteration.

The way forward for increased self-awareness begins, in my opinion, with thinking through whether we are living the life we really want, have a job that we enjoy and go to because it is satisfying, or if we really care about those who come after us. The answers will of course be very varied, but if we really care about the future of our children and their children and their children, maybe living with a founding value for the wholeness is not so stupid. Methods for developing personal images of the future based on the wholeness exist. The step begins with an active decision from us.

Be conscious!


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