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March 2, 2018 | on Mostad

Does life have a meaning? I ask people around me. Some explain; life has no meaning, life is just as it is. I listen deeply and can not find the answer that solves my wonder. May be life it self has no purpose, but all matter has. In my picture, minerals, plants, animals and humans are different forms of consciousness. Common is our moving and meaningful energy. In different waves of frequencies, matter still seeks new boundaries for broaden its consciousness. Thus, the universe develops itself as a cosmic conscious intelligence we are all part of.

In the coming week no 09-2018, my Instagram posts will reflect on Life’s purpose. I do the reflections through quotes and captions, linked to illustrative images. Feel free to follow me on

When I ask the question "Has life a purpose?,» the question in itself is a clue. Scientificly, I'm classified as a Homo Sapiens - the consicous being, and it's like a consicous being I ask. I am writing this blog for a purpose other than discussing whether life has an opinion. In my imaginary world, my life has a purpose. You and I are consicous seeking primates. Why should we otherwise be driven by curiosity, feel pain and joy? How life is perceived in other dimensions is an extension of the topic I can pick up in a later blog. Life in general may well be without meaning, but the life of the individual on Earth is filled with meaning.

Let me explain further.

I meditate transcendently. It happens because my initiated teacher in transcendental meditation art has given me a training and a mantra. It all works so that, in a state of relaxedness, the mantra loosens like a sound without sound. The mantra sails its own way through the mind and my body. The process reassures me and opens me for contact with the state behind the current of the imaginative noise of the mind - the state of the Transcendent being. In a short glimpse of the greatest pleasure, it may seem that I approach the state of Being. Possibly an illusion, but it makes me feel good.

Being as state, is transcendent in relation to our sense of consciousness. We can not personally understand the transcendental state of being. In basically the same way, the great religious and mythical narratives seek to describe how our universe is an immanent representation of the transcendental creative source, commonly called God. I like the story of a creative source that chooses to make itself a physical performance. In this image, the universe and thus the human being are created.

In this narrative, man is both part of a transcendent creative source and an independent immanent source. What does such a story mean about the purpose of life? Does life have a purpose? If so, what purpose?

The universe is a materialization of an unreal creativity, and man is a part of the creation. The idea that the universe, as an expression of transcendence, «I am the one I decide to become», opens the co-creating universe. The purpose of man can be co-creating in the universe as an expression of transcendence creative dynamics. If the universe is self-creating, it is also conscious. The image of a conscious universe that creates itself begins to spread itself in scientific circles that dare to cross the boundaries of its learned understanding and limiting frames.

The thought of man as a co-creator of consciousness gives humanity a place in a larger story. What about the individual? Do we carry all on the same plan? Or are our individual lives, carriers of individual plans gathered in a bigger puzzle?

Spirituality tells us that human beings incarnate on Earth have three main tasks. We are co-creators of the conscious universe, we are light workers in Earth's transformation into an enlightened planet and we are active in the development of the soul we are. Each of us incarnates on Earth with a Master Plan of Incarnation. The plan is coded and hidden in our body. Traditions have different stories about where in the body we can find the plan's hideaway. I'm not so keen on where the plan can be hidden, I'm keen on how we can go forward to release it and implement it. In my picture, the actual exploration process is part of the plan. We shall seek and find, and the process is part of our spiritual education program.

If you read my blog DELTA - Pytagoras fourth letter, theme of week 08-2018, you are told about an unknown and hidden spiritual evolutionary force in our own lives, specific to the individual. Pythagoras may have known how the universe as Trinity also manifested itself in the individual plan as a creative force. Through years of development work, I have developed a method through which I through the Archeology of the body, give the soul the faces of the individual Trinity and forms this as a diffenential operator, a Delta, in their own lives. You can read about the Archeology of the body in my blog Theme of week 09-2018.

You come to Earth for three purposes. The one purpose of the three is to educate your soul. Every incarnation has its purpose. You must seek out, understand and implement the assignment yourself. This is your way towards enlightenment. The procedure will manifest itself to you when you are ready to know the three faces of your soul and when you put your individual Trinity into a phenomenological image that is concrete and implemented throughout your lifetime.


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