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  • Ulf Kurkiewicz


The quest for freedom is a struggle for most of us. We want be be free as a bird which floats almost weightlessly in existence. Freedom is a word with many angles and meanings.

We all want freedom from different things and freedom to do, own or perform different things. The question is whether we realize what comes with the concept of freedom and whether we are willing to act on this realization.

We all want freedom, freedom from financial worries, freedom from a boring job or freedom to do what we want. The meaning of freedom can have many number of meanings and probably does not mean the same thing to each of us. There are many of us who seek our freedom in a variety of ways. A question that can be asked is whether the search for freedom and its many aspects can get in the way of someone else's search for freedom? Another question is what do we do when, and if, we find our freedom? Are we looking further for another aspect of freedom then?

Can we even become free and if we can, at what level does this freedom exist? More questions than answers it may seem, but in my opinion we need to think through these questions. Think through on a deeper level what freedom means to me. How it looks and how it behaves.

Freedom can be about things we want or own, or some sport or leisure activity that you want to practice when you feel like it. It can be about creating financial independence so that you can do what you want without having to think about costs. Freedom to move and visit the places you want.

One of the most fundamental freedoms is the freedom to choose what we want to say or express without anyone else interfering. Another fundamental freedom is to keep enough money based on the work, what you produce or grow so that you can try himself and his family. In many cases, this freedom is missing for many of us. This also applies to many other and of freedoms, we have a desire for them but they are not always available at all, or at least not when we wish to have that freedom.

A completely different aspect of freedom concerns whether freedom is only something for us humans or if the same desire for freedom exists for what we consider natural resources, plants and animals? If that desire exists in everything that exists here, how well do we as humans help make it come true? Can we even realize our desire for freedom for ourselves?

If we are to create freedom for ourselves and others, including the rest of nature, we need to clarify what kind of freedom we are seeking or, rather, that we are creating for ourselves. Is it freedom driven by our desires or is it freedom driven by our striving to create a balance between ourselves and everyone else? Maybe it sounds fuzzy, but the path to each place is fundamentally different. The path that goes via desire usually does not take into account that the desire is satisfied by restricting someone else's freedom in one way or another. While the path to a balanced approach and a freedom based on creating a win-win situation. A very big difference.

I myself have been inspired by an esoteric expression. Everyone has the right to express their choice of freedom in any way, as long as it does not affect the equal rights of anyone else or anything else to express their freedom. A pretty comprehensive expression in my opinion. With freedom comes great responsibility. A responsibility to consider everything and everyone. Acting according to this expression requires a changed approach to each other. Something that is valid at all levels, from the individual over groups or associations to politics and decision makers. All rules that do not have a positive impact on those affected by the rules, in one way or another, must be removed.

Freedom from control of thoughts and freedom to believe whatever you want must be a fundamental right. This goes both for external as well well as internal controls. More about this will come later on.

Freedom comes with responsibility. No one can blame anyone else if you violate someone else's equal freedom.

Be conscious!


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