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  • Jon Frang Mostad


Deep inside we all have access to an unknown language that speaks symbols. We do not always understand this language, even if we speak it. The conscious thought often does not find the forms and words that explain what the body perceives and understands when the symbolic language lits. 

I want to use my profile on Instagram to post Quotes and Captions to images where I exercise my own symbol language. I invite you to join. Each week will have its theme. On this blog I will present the coming week's theme, that starts on Monday and changes on Monday.

Awareness will be the starting point. 

What am I when I am «Aware»? My English Dictionary says that the word is to "have knowledge of" and "be conscious". The explanation is linked to cognition, ie thinking. The reality is created by the conscious thought. No impression can find its form and get expressed in a language, without involving the thought. But I also know that the thought limits, sorts and organizes. We only percieve a part of reality. 

Awareness is the position you take when you "see what is not in shape", "hear what does not sound" and "understand what is not thought». 

At Instagram I'm  jonmostad. Maybe we meet there?


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