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January 4, 2017 | Jon Mostad

A book of mine is one of my followers through years - a good fellow.

He`s named «1001 WAYS TO ENLIGHTENMENT» and dropped into my pocket for some dollars, in a bookstore in San Anselmo, California, back in 2008.

Since then I`ve watched him, but seriously not really read him - may be I never count of his reliability?

Up to now.

All of a sudden it comes to me, «Jon - what about being Enlightened?» That`ll be great?

Thoughts into action - I started reading the book.

Within a couple of hours, the book was marked with yellow Post It Tags - poiting out words of laughter and wisdom - let me tell you:

Chapter One is about what Enlightenment «is about» - and the first saying that hit me was:

«To be free from suffering, desire, and negative emotions: that is enlightenment" following up with «Enlightenment is the harvest time of the mind" and finally poiting out the core by Carl Jung "Enlightenment is not imagining figures of light but making the darkness conscious" - I love it.

Easy saying - Heavy wisdom.

Predicting a future free from suffering, desire and negative emotions is what I want to attract me and I`m old enough to start the harvesting season of my Lifes Mind - putting this efforts together á la Jung, the rest of my consciousness will awake.

Is 2017 coming to me as a year of blessings?

«The Path» - Chapter Two, really gives me a bounch forward.

«The enlightened soul is fully awake to reality, in all its beauty and complexity, yet untouched by it" supported by the next statement «Enlightenment is a change of consciousness in wich one´s own personal desires are seen in context, as part of a whole, and therefore not overwhelmingly important" ... to be fullfilled with "Enightenment comes when the ego is banished from the mind, and replaced by compassion, wisdom, and skill".

What to say...?

Is there time enough to me to become fully awake to reality and still untouched ... and to ease my desires so I can join a change in consciousness ... all melted into compassion, wisdom and skill?

I see I have a road to walk.


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