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  • Ulf Kurkiewicz


There has been discussions for a long period of time of the idea that a super intelligent AI would take over control from man. The question if we would be able to keep control or not has also been discussed for a long period of time. Recent science has come up with an answer to that question - Almost certainly we will not be able to keep control.

How come then, we are so smart and brought us to where we are today? It is a question of comprehending what happens inside the AI. If we cannot comprehend what it is doing we have no possibility to control it. When the computer have reached the level where we cannot understand what it is doing and it come to conclude some kind solution it already are in control.

Are we already at this point of development then? Not very likely even if there are signs of the opposite. These statements was made by scientist Manuel Cebrian from the Max-Planck Institute for Human Development.

"A super-intelligent machine that controls the world sounds like science fiction.”

"But there are already machines that perform certain important tasks independently without programmers fully understanding how they learned it."

Cant´ we just introduce a kill switch or something similar to make it possible to shut the system down if it start to go bananas? One angle is if we are introducing some kind of kill switch or disconnect an AI system from the Internet or any other global network will remove some of the benefits using AI for our, and the environment, good. At the same time we do not know if, our most likely, when a super intelligent AI will emerge, and then it might be to late to put the genie back into its lamp.

Is all dark then? Not at all but it requires an open discussion around the topics raised also outside the scientific area and in computer science and computer businesses. But the most important step is to increase the level of human comprehension. We cannot increase it by just following the logical path. We need to enter a parallell path of increased consciousness that will enable a much greater possibility of comprehending what is happening within AI and also in all other complicated challenges facing all of us on this planet. A path that allows us to get insight within causal knowledge merged with our well developed logical understanding.

Be Conscious


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