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  • Ulf Kurkiewicz

We lift with sound and cut with light

This statement was found in an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph. Very odd statement, is it not? What did they know about the technology to use sound and light in the way described? Was it a knowledge they actually had and that they used in the construction of all the temples, pyramids, statues and art artifacts? Some of them not possible to construct even with our modern technology.

Was this knowledge spread to other civilizations of the globe? Using it to construct a large amount of incredible temples and other buildings in inaccessible areas?

There are several stories describing how heavy stones are lifted with the help of sound. One example is a situation where large blocks of stone needed to be lifted up a steep cliff, 250 meters vertical, to become a part of a wall. The stone was lifted with the sound from 19 instruments, arranged in a specific pattern, and supported by the monoton sound from several hundred priests. Suddenly the stone levitated from the staring point up to the place where it should be placed. This story comes from Tibet.

This article has not the aim to try to find any answers o those questions. Instead it will put focus on what kind of technology we have today. Today we cut with light, and in some aspects we have learnt to lift with sound. I will come back to this in more detail.

Cutting with light

The invention of laser technology has brought a wide area of possibilities for us humans. We use it in a large area of fields such as range finding, creation of high resolution maps, cutting with high precision in metal and other materials and melding of different kind of metals. Laser is also used as very precise laser scalpels in medical operations. Using laser 3D scanners is just taking of and there are a long list of what you can do with different kind of laser technology.

Lasers have also been used to isolate and trap single atoms and to manipulate single molecules. This might be a door opener for all kind of nano-technology.

In an experiment laser was used, together with other technologies, to levitate a nano sphere close to its motional ground state near Quantum level. This will help scientist to take a significant jump towards the macroscopic scale where the line between the classical and the quantum can be studied.

Lifting with sound

Acoustic levitation is a method for suspending matter in air against gravity using acoustic radiation pressure from high intensity sound waves.The objective with acoustic levitation is primarily concerned with overcoming gravity.

Typically sound waves at ultrasonic frequencies are used thus creating no sound audible to humans even if there are examples of audible frequencies being used.

Levitation is a promising method for container-less processing of microchips and other small, delicate objects in industry and may y also be used for applications requiring very-high-purity materials or chemical reactions too rigorous to happen in a container.

In the early phases acoustic levitation was used for motionless levitation but has developed into handling control over dynamic objects. The progress is moving forward so now it is possible to have control over multiple particles and droplets at the same time. Today we can use acoustic levitation for applications in science and in industry.

Acoustic levitation provides a container-less environment for droplet drying experiments as well as the possibility with contactless manipulation of droplets, especially for contactless chemistry.

Levitation of small living animals has also been studied and the vitality of animals which typically exist in air was not affected. This might lead to the possibility to study the animals themselves.

Contactless assembly is also part of the research and levitation of surface mount electrical components has been demonstrated. Even micro assembly, with a combination of acoustic and electromagnetic fields, have been demonstrated.

All of this occurs in the very small scale with tiny objects with very small size and small mass. But there are experiments working with larger objects, even if very tiny, and one project thinks that they can lift a fotball by an array of microphones. They can today lift small objects in a ordinary room environment. They use a combination of microphones and a computer program that coordinates the sound from each module to hit the target at exactly the same time. Promising but still a long way from lifting a block of stone, or even something bigger. New knowledge is emerging all the time, so who knows?

New insight

For a long time it has been considered that a phonon, the sound particle equivalent to the light particle photon, has no mass. Recently it has been discovered that this is actually not true. Phonons have mass, even if it very, very small. Another interesting thing bout the phonons is that they seem to overcome gravity by themselves. The sound wave from a word spoken out in the air will bend upwards if you measure it far away enough. Only in theory for the time being, but there exist proposals of how to conduct it in reality.

I will add a quote from a research project as the conclusion of this article

”It seems that classical phenomenon has much more to reveal to our eyes and to our ears than we thought. Reality keeps nourishing our imagination…

The fact that the mass of the phonon is very close to that of the hydrogen atom (basically the mass of the proton itself) is very intriguing; it suggests a deeper connection, as probably it is no coincidence. This will be further explored by our research team. But more importantly, as reality is composed of a variety of states of matter, this realization connects to what is claimed by ancient cultures around the globe. They emphasize the role of the spoken word as a tool for manifesting reality… And speech is sound.

By Dr. Ines Urdaneta, research scientist at Resonance Science Foundation.”

Be Conscious


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