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October 14, 2019



I try to understand the concept of the human relationship and I know the term is about a connection between two or more. The connection is a channel for transport of dumb vibrating energy, thoughts, sounds and emotions. We love and hate through relationships. Relationships are a phenomenon and a term most people have a relation to. Anyway, I'm not happy with my understanding. 


I have studied and formed a picture of man as a universe in the universe. Two people are never the same. We are designed by DNA, sensational experiences and social learning. When two people interact, interaction occurs through the relationship between the two.


Communication in relationships has a hidden dimension the farthest are thinking about. The relationship with another person has at least seven levels! One level for each chakra. I can send my messages from at least seven energetic levels. The ancient Egyptians knew nine physical expressions and these resemble the Chakras as we understand them today. Egypt's understanding of 9 Forces of Nature, is a relationship I come back to in a future blog. Currently, I agree with the 7 renowned Chakras, as most of the spiritual literature does.


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