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April 2, 2020



Science and religion has co-existed for thousands of years now. The common nominator is humanity´s attempt to explain the unseen, the larger than life and the human potential within.
In many cultures of the earth, peoples have been looking to the stars for answers and the story of creation has been woven into their culture. The Mesopotamians, The Chinese, The Mayas, The Incas, The Indians, The Aborigines and The Egyptians all had this in common. They were tracking the heavens, noticing the cycles of time and trying to explain it all in a holistic way. All this explaining and offering to the spirits and the Gods - was done in the beliefs coinciding with their thoughts and knowledge - in their time.

Now in 2020 some of the earliest cultures are thought of as primitive, but a lot of their cultural heritage and basic knowledge still have a resonance in our modern eastern and western society.
The spirit and human potential has lingered, and science is now finding what early cultures of man was only feeling and guessing at. In all times humanity has been downloading from the so called heavenly archives – maybe through a cosmic conscious network?   


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