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March 2, 2020



May consciousness be a force in the Universe itself? Can we talk about a Cosmic Consciousness? If so, can the Universe expands its consciousness? Is the Universe self-conscious?


Mainstream in Western science sees the brain as the father, mother and child of consciousness. Everything of consciousness takes place in, by and for the brain. This does not make sense, says the Hungarian scientist Ervin Lazlo. Consciousness must be something more and he launches a three-step notion of what consciousness might be.


A division of three steps that opens up untold possibilities in understanding the evolution of Man and the Universe.

Lazlo asks: can consciousness be something the human brain is connected to? Like computers are in a cloud? In that case, we can talk about a distributed and integrated consciousness with collective opportunities.


Lazlo does not think this is an adequate explanation either. Consciousness must be something more.

Therefore, he launches the «Third Assumption" that the Universe itself is conscious, that the Universe builds consciousness and that the human brain which processes this cosmic consciousness, can develop itself and thus contribute to the development of Cosmic Consciousness.


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