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May 2, 2020



Does the development of artificial general intelligence leave most of us at the station?


Artificial General Intelligence are systems, like humans, that has the ability to reason across many domains and that can use her knowledge into unknown areas. From a possibility point of view AGI can revolutionise research of medicine, production of medicine, production of food and green technologies. If we are successful, we might be dealing with climate threat, extreme poverty and pandemic.


Max Tegmark , co -founder of Future of Life Institute, said, “I’m optimistic that we can create an inspiring high-tech future with AI, as long as we win the race between the growing power of AI and the wisdom with which the manage it. 


Sometimes doomsday prophecies are written about AI and that the consequences will lead to the downfall of Earth.  In fact, is that nobody knows, many have opinions, in itself a good sign.


Today's AI, compared to AGI, is still fairly simple but with great capabilities in limited areas. No one knows how an AI that is as smart or smarter than humans will affect our lives. Will it be beneficial or harmful? How should we build it so that it is safe? Can we create security mechanisms that we incorporate during the ongoing development?


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