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November 4, 2019



We humans descend on Earth to ascend from Earth. What is this about? Is there a story that can explain? People tell me that exploration for the meaning of life is meaningless. I listen deeply and know that such an attitude does not fit me. Life is both too demanding and too  beautiful, to have no meaning. That's why I keep searching for a story.


First, I need to understand the meaning of invocation and evocation.


Invocation is to invoke, connect and to make an entry of a deity. Invocation is readily understood as a prayer. A call of higher sources. A religious request for a god's participation in an act. We find invocation in the channeling the Theosophy's Alice A. Bailey made, from master Djwhal Khul, more than 70 years ago. Here is the prayer of invoking God's light on the Earth. Invocation is to be understood as a religious request, an appeal that the Light must enclose and connect with the Earth.


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