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October 2, 2019



What impact does spirituality and technology affect to futures? I give you one simple answer: multiple! Let me say some words to what futures is about and then add on technology and spirituality. 


Futures and how to attract the chosen one

The future does not make choices and it is not waiting for you. It just fires out. Driven by megatrends. You can not stop or otherwise delay or delay the future. In fact, the opposite. You should get up early and be well dressed when the future is on. We who work with the future will never be surprised to hear "we did not see it".


Future researchers say that the future is coming across. The performance completely violates our notions of future as something that comes to us and which can be observed at a distance. That the future is crossing is just based on the fact that it does not come. The future is lifted into our daily lives, from the sidelines, suddenly and almost without advance notice. Our only possibility of predicting it is through analysis of statistical data and mega trends.


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