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October 2, 2019



The idea that I could expand my life, was actually given to me through reading a book about death. Dalai Lama's wise insight led by Jeffrey Hopkins in the book "Advice on Dying," gave me inspiration to understand death and therefore life, in an extended perspective. In this text, I reflect on Dalai Lama's thoughts.


Man has the choice to be in the lead for the development of own life. Man is an individualized soul and have developed the necessary mind to reflect on own behavior, choose new action strategies and create new insights based on experience. Man is a discerning and responsible being. This perspective is the basis of my texts. 


My motive is spiritual inspiration. I do not have a religious or a paranormal purpose, nor a scientific one. I borrow knowledge from the great stories, including the scientific ones, and create my own world for inspiration.


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