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September 5, 2019



Why this theme?

I have grown up within the framework of a natural science context. What could be measured was real and scientific, everything else was unreal and unscientific. I am educated and trained to understand and act within the framework of what can be measured. Everything else, such as play, imagination and experiences, was of course allowed and had its space, but this did not belong to reality. The reality existed only within the limits of my senses. You recognize yourself? Then I arrived in good adulthood, on my first visit to India and South East Asia, and experienced that reality is far more! I experienced universities, scientific staff and people in general, with an understanding of knowledge, life and reality that blasted the frameworks of my academic and experience-based world. I knew liberation. The world turned out to be so infinitely more than my  existing limited ideas.


Obviously, I knew this before I traveled to India and South East Asia. Studies, meditation and immersion in the great mythical narratives, had long shown me a world bigger than mine. I use this story more as a metaphor for what I'm going to extract - our sensational and experience-based Self understands only a limited part of what the world consists of.


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