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July 2, 2019



For a long time I’ve tried to understand intuition. What is this "feeling" of knowing what is right? Where does this conviction come from, telling me "this is what I should do"? You may well have had many times where you "just know» what to choose, do or think? Is there a level of insight that knows what I don't know? An unconscious level of knowledge that I can become familiar with? Where is this level of knowledge, is it stored in my brain, is there a field I can connect to? When can I know that an «impulse» is an impulse and not an «answer from my intuition»? How can I understand the relationship between impulse and intuition? Are we talking about the same or two different consciousness dimensions?


Impulse and intuition are the subject of this week's reflections on my part. I post my texts on Friday at 7 PM CET (Central European Time). Then I follow up the theme of the week with quotes and captions on Instagram where you find me as @mostadjon. Feel free to follow my blog; get the text of the week directly in your mail box. Follow me on Instagram and comment on my micro-poetry, I will be glad if I find a comment from you. I write my texts regardless of political and religious thinking, and I see myself as a motivational speaker with particular interest in mythical and spiritual subjects.


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