Seyran Maryam Khalili has considerable expertise in organizational psychology and psychiatry, education, and public policy innovation. She has been working with advocacy with great commitment to reducing the gap between minorities and the majority through dialogue, information, and public service. She is a King's College London alumni undertaking her post-graduate degree in the sciences of psychology and psychiatry. As a King's alumni, she also completed the associateship of King’s College (AKC), which is the original award of the university, dating back to its foundation in 1829 and reflecting its first motto: ‘Sancte et Sapienter’ (with holiness and wisdom). 


In addition to academic work, she promotes issues of social injustice and actively participates in community debates. spending a year working in Brussels (EU) she explored innovative ways of working and European collaborations across borders by partaking in European projects working as an intern to learn about how it truly is to be a « new European »: a terminology rephrased to include being part of people who live in European but have connections with more than just the country where they live.