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iAm - DAWN

A new path towards self insight and expanded awareness

iAm - consisting of three frameworks

Framework 1: AWAKENING - before the birds wake up

Framework 2: AWARENESS - then the sun rises

Framework 3: ACCOMODATION - the path across the firmament 



iAm AWAKENING - before the birds wake up



iAm AWARENESS - then the sun rises



iAm ACCOMODATION - the path across the firmament

Dawn is a program focused on increased self-awareness giving you the access to methods of examining and working with higher forms of thinking.   This will give you the possibility to position yourself for the FUTURE intended for you.


Increased self-awareness is about finding knowledge about yourself in you self, but from a higher level of standpoint than today.


Increased self-awareness is to find the answer to the question what is the purpose of your life, and putting the purpose of your life into action.


DAWN is program where you unfolds your spiritual purpose of your life. A fundamental different, expanded and more advanced level of consciousness than the more limited one most of us live within. By developing your self-awareness you develop the ability to look for the challenges you was born to handle.


During a DAWN process you develop your ability to trust the unknown, because you have realized that you already have all knowledge needed to handle the uncertainties and the new possibilities in your life within yourself.


The increased self-awareness process described above is based on the book, DAWN, by the author Jon Frang Mostad

Outcome - upon completion:


  1. You understand concepts, values and approach in use as foundation for further guidance (goal of knowledge)

  2. You explain your specific qualities (Delta), your translation of your Delta, and your vision about your future and of you life’s purpose (goal of attitude)

  3. You have transformed your hinders into possibilities and listed an action plan for implementation of the different tasks (goal of action)



iAm invites you to get to know yourself in a completely different way than before. It gives you insight of who you really are, and the spiritual purpose of your life. Giving you methods to implement new possibilities into your existing life and giving the you the possibilities to have a life in balance.


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