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iFly - Futures Positioning

iFly - consisting of three specializations

Framework 1 - COMMUNICATION - speaking the language of the future

Framework 2 - CONSTRUCTION - building futures scenario

Framework 3 - COMPETENCE - transformation of formal and real skills 

ALNILAM - your avatar guide through the program



iFly COMMUNICATION - speaking the language of the future



iFly CONSTRUCTION - building futures scenario



iFly COMPETENCE - transformation of formal and real skills

iFly is the program that enables you to communicate with multiple futures and supports you to create yourself in your chosen scenario. You complete and refine your selected matrix, do strength analysis and structure the procedure for implementation. You manifest the transmeditative competence needed for the operation. You identify, prioritize and manage in time the active actions you need to take to create your own result. You present yourself as an avatar of competence based on the program's concepts, tools and methods. 


Matrix is Latin and can be understood as the form in which we create what is to be new.

Outcome - upon completion:


  1. You understand concepts, tools and methods you can use for your personal future positioning (knowledge goals)

  2. You explain your chosen future image and the path choices you want to make to implement the image in your own life (attitude goals)

  3. You create yourself in your own future image (action goal)



iFly invites you to a transformation of self-insight, communication of preferred future and an expanded competence. iFly is based on recognized approaches from systematic scientific work and philosophical notions of man as consciousness and as competence.


iFly gives you a kick off start. You develop your work based on the program by joining the Futures of Man community and by contacting the program's developers.


You get a bigger picture of iFly by studying our books IDA - The language of the future, DAWN - A new path towards self-insight and expanded awareness and DELTA - The mythical path to the future.

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