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«It’s not about getting rid of your senses, it’s about riding them» (@mostadjon)   

The world is an illusion created by the physical senses and it is about getting rid of the senses ... this is a topic I find with many spiritual teachers. Is that so? I want to use this week's text to reflect on the theme. On the top you can find my quote for the introduction of the text, and maybe there is some of my answer in that quote?

Friday PM 0700 CET (Central European Time), I post a weekly text in which I reflect on topics such as consciousness, the future of man and the mysteries of the universe. What is my motivation for that? I write primarily for my own development. Here I follow the words of the Dalai Lama to "bring me a greater life" - a greater life after this life. I invest time, studies and texts for my own specialization. As a significant part of my life's purpose is to teach "from the heart," I share my imagination with others and guide in their processes. My texts are independent of political and religious beliefs. Nor am I trying to build a "fellowship" but want to be in free dialogue and share with others. If someone has enjoyed my texts, it confirms the belief that we are more people thinking in the same direction.

I share my texts on Facebook and I expand my thoughts via quotes and captions on Instagram (where you find me as @mostadjon). You can subscribe to my blog and get the texts directly in your mailbox.

The sense shaped reality

In the ancient Eastern religious traditions underlying Hinduism and Buddhism, you find the notions that the world is an illusion, created by senses and mental categories. The challenge for the soul is to get rid of the body so that the infinite repetition of reincarnations ceases. This can only happen when the soul is enlightened. That is, the soul "knows everything" about what it means to operate in a physical world. The physical world is created as a notion of a transcendent creative force often called God - a source that cannot be understood bu a human mind. The transcendent creative force projected a notion of self and took physical form. Matter is therefore a veil that separates the physical universe from the creative source. Therefore, everything is about "pulling the veil" aside so that the soul of man can be united with the Spirit.

In order for the soul to be educated and become pure spirit, it must reside in matter in an infinity of incarnations. One of the places in the universe where the effect of incarnation is particularly great is on Earth - a heavy and dark planet. The soul serving on Earth has greater prerequisites for phasing out karma (bonding to matter) than souls incarnating on "light" planets. In order to serve on a heavy and dark planet like the earth, the soul needs a "vehicle" and therefore embraces a human body. The human body is a unique tool for the soul, but at the same time a great challenge. In order for the body to operate in an atmosphere of high pressure and in a heavy gravity, the body is developed with a superb physical senses that measures a 3D performance of the world. Moreover, instincts, needs, and emotions are gathered and organized in an ego that is so well-developed that it has its own agenda and can block the soul's will.

This is in short and delimited features, the narrative that can be written on the basis of the great mystery tales. I think the picture is deeply fascinating and serves great as a backdrop to my text. 

Body, ego and soul

The image of the physical body like the vehicle, the ego like the GPS and the soul as the boss, is simple and understandable. Man is primarily a soul that has a very short-lived physical experience, not the other way around. Therefore, humans must listen to the message of the soul, it is here for a purpose. It is not so that the body has a short-lived spiritual experience, it is the opposite. Most people do not think so. They imagine the world as "reality" and the physical experiences as the most important in life. Therefore, most people follow the ego's directions and live lives cut off from their spiritual purpose.

This is not so strange and my task is primarily to reflect, understand and challenge. I have absolutely no right to admonish, teach or point out any way of life that is more correct than others. The soul's path to enlightenment is an infinitely long ascension and the process of search for clarity with its spiritual purpose, is some of the ascension itself. Here are souls in different phases.

The five physical senses, and some more?

The physical body's 5 physical senses - smell, see, hear, feel and taste - are important guides on the way into the earthly atmosphere and gravity. In addition, humans have the balance sense and intuition. Perhaps as many as seven senses struggle to understand reality, here it can definitely be chaos. Every sense is its kind of intelligence. Therefore, I can say with a smile that man is ruled by a struggle between seven intelligences. The ego gathers these seven intelligences, or at least tries to do so, using the power of thought.

The senses, thoughts and the ego create beliefs that humans accept. They represent reality in terms, images and needs. Among this "chaos" the soul tries to find its way forward for its purpose. The spiritual purpose of the soul interferes with the ego's attempt to create order and foundation for its own physical agenda. Therefore, the purpose of the soul is blocked and the spiritual value of the incarnation can be lost. This is as it should be, because the soul's journey of education should be complicated in view of its long-term spiritual purpose.

Ancient enlightened cultures know this and inaugurated their chosen women and men through longstanding processes where they gradually gained access to the encrypted cosmology - the knowledge of the Universe. 

The Veil

The picture that the reality humans see is almost a hologram is deeply fascinating to me. The hologram is an illusion, a performance, but as a performance it is reallity. The spiritual stories of the East are about being able to pull the veil aside, that is, we should be able to pass the hologram as an illusion and reach into the "real" real. To get there, the human soul no longer needs to reincarnate for its spiritual development. Through yoga and meditative techniques and exercises, certain humans should have reached conditions where they live independently of their physical senses and physiological processes. The religious, spiritual and esoteric literature tells of such people, both historical and actually living.

What do you think of such a story?

Need, confusion and pain

When I study this Eastern spiritual performance, I am filled with calm and confidence. For me, this narrative does not need to be "true" in a Western sense of nature. the story works on me, on a different plan than an analytical plan. Human bodies are highly advanced, autonomous and intelligent, forms of life. Yet they have their limitations and are imperfect. For the soul's journey on planet Earth, they are the best tools of the soul. The initiation of the soul into an earthly incarnation consists, among other things, of finding ways outside the ego and thus achieving the purpose of the incarnation. "The way outside the ego" is part of the ascension path, part of the education. The soul does not win with its life purpose by going to war against the physical ego, but by finding the way through.

A human body free of its physical senses may experience a world free of disturbance, but at the same time could not provide any special help to the soul on its earthly journey. The soul of a human body should accommodate the body's physical senses but at the same time not subjugate itself to the ego's self-will.

That is why it is so difficult to be in an earthly life, and you need to be the boss. 


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