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December 21, 2018 | Jon Mostad

The Great Religions tell us of the word as the great creator. The transcendental power that we under no circumstances have any idea about and therefore has given the name of God, was The Word. The Word was triggered by God and took a stay in Man. In this way, God is within Man.

In different texts and in books I have published, I reflected on The Creation and The Word. You can search for tags and find the texts that deal with this particular perspective. In this text I will reflect on the topic from a different angle.


Welcome to my blog about topics related to new self-awareness and increased consciousness. Every Friday at 7 pm (1900) CET (Central European Time), I post a new text. The post is shared to Facebook and in the week that follows, I expound the topics with posts on Instagram @mostadjon. You can follow me free and free of obligations.

The ancient worlds

Words are sound and pictures. Words appear as fluctuations triggered by the vocal ties and hit the ears and then decoded as meaningful symbols. A complex physical, neurological and, not least, a spiritual operation. Words are sound, but they are also symbols. Words are made as characters, this happens in the form of finger and arm movements. When words are produced as symbols, this usually happens in the form of pictures. Humans have preserved words from forgotten times in the form of symbols made in hollow paintings, inscriptions in stone, clay and various types of canvas (leather, fabric, papyrus, bamboo, paper).

Everything from cave paintings, signs of stonework, hieroglyphs and various types of canopy are stories from a hidden and forgotten time. To some extent they can be decoded and given a content that can explain what this is all about, but only to a limited extent. What we can not decode and produce is the meaningful context in which the words were formed. We can not reproduce the imagination images these words would serve; the mythical tale they were valid in. We can not recreate the function and transforming power of the words in the actual phenomenological context they served.

Inner worlds and parallel worlds

I have worked for a long time with words. By wondering as children, through studies, teaching of others and in clinical work, I have gradually increased my insight and astonishment of the magic of the spoken and written word. By studying old Taoist ideas about «Now,» I was led to hidden and forgotten wisdom about how life in a limiting physical body could be opened to greater consciousness. By studying theosophical notions of the universe, the solar system and the physical body, I gained access to explanations that opened so that I could see my life as a life in and between parallel worlds.

At a situation about 10 years back, I was very ill. I knew that what I felt as disease was symptoms of a struggle between soul and ego. The soul I am, sought access through the body to realize its life purpose. Ego as the minded and educated guard over the physical body, opposed to losing control. The result was blockages, energy loss and pain. This should be resolved.

I sought help along several roads. It is beyond the limitations of this text to address the different perspectives and strategies I have used. I have written about this in my recently published book and featured the tools in several of my texts. Nevertheless, I will briefly describe some kind of help and it is the basis for the text that "Words are beings".

Visiting my body

On a course in body therapy I gained insight into how shocks and injuries (both physical and mental) put traces in the connective tissue of the body. The tracks block the flow of the body's energy (Qi) and reduce vitality. Vitality is power. When the body does not gain access to the required power, it loses energy. When energy is lost, humanity loses the spirit. When the spirit is lost, human beings lose ground for physical life. During the course, I realized that the causes of what I experienced as a disease were loss of spirit. My energy was limited by vitality that stopped. My challenge was to dissolve the limitations that blocked Qi flowing freely as vitality, and that gave power to my energy that nourished the spirit. But what experiences in my life blocked Qi? The process led me straight to a passage in life where I must have been around 3 years old. At that time my parents were going to travel on a vacation and I was left to a form of children care. I had no ideas about where I was, who the unknown adults were and whether my parents, anyway, would ever come back. I did not even have ideas about these performances. When you are 3 years old, you are only in a world of impressions and feelings. The stay was a nightmare. I was injured for life on an energetic and emotional level. The shock of being abandoned created lasting blockages for me, in relation and safety to others. I think I could write a book about this and therefore let the theme stay here in this blog as a short illustration. In my energy body, the track still existed after the shock I received. The track created a lasting blockage of Qi and insecurity in emotions that will last my lifetime.

In order for me to come through the experience of illness, this childhood experience had to be manifested through recognition and expressed in words and then resolved. Part of my healing was to put the shock into words.

I would like to describe how the recognition of the shock I received as 3 years old manifested itself to me by the hidden knowledge coming to the surface. Relationship to the experience I found myself in as a child was revealed. The recognition was shocking and bad. In this blog, I do not need to convey the content. I use the story as an illustration for my theme. After the recognition, the words followed. I was able to tell the story. The story followed visions of 3D characters moving in space and carrying the words as shapes. A new wave of shock.

The words took form of beings!

Words creates

The Egyptian Sphinx is a manifestation of God Hu, which we find in the Vedic scriptures as Ohm. Here we are at Hinduism's holiest syllable symbolizing infinite Brahman and the whole universe. We are now at the very doorstep; the creation of the universe, done by sound - the initializing Word.

Hellenism took on the idea in its concept of Logos, which we can understand as meaning, reason or word. From here to the gospel of John in Christianity, the road is short. An urgency in the form of the word Om, may thus have been the triggering energy that initiated the creation of the universe. The human beings are created in the image of this creation, the word has dwelt in us and therefore we must possess some of the power of the word.

Hinduism and Christianity, which are otherwise quite different at first glance, have something in common here. Both understand that it was God's Word that initiated the creation of the world. In the Vedas (the ancient mythical scripts underlying the Hindu tradition), it says: "In the beginning was Brahman, with whom was the Word. And the Word was is Brahman." The Bible states: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." The religious community Echancar sees it as God manifested itself as a sound vibration in the universe. God is sound, the great traditions tell.

Words are beings

The great ancient narratives show the way to an understanding of words like beings. When I connect the notion that reality is minded and words are beings, I see both the architectural drawings and the builders of realities.

I am careful to emphasize that my blog and my teaching do not have a religious purpose. All my references to religious writings I do to illustrate what I'm trying to convey - inspiration for new self-awareness and a way of expanding awareness.

With this blog for week 52-2018 I wish you a Merry Christmas, maybe we will be seen in week 1-2019?


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