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  • Ulf Kurkiewicz


Maybe there is a hidden message from the Universe during the days we taste right now? A message to focus on what really is important. To focus on family, friends and strangers. To show empathy, openness and compassion. No one is excluded from the risk so let the mask fall down.

The wind of change is sweeping through the society, turning all the well known stuff uppsid down. Almost every business or service is interrupted and everybody is affected , directly or indirectly. Some has the luck to be laid of meanwhile other lose their jobs, their income or their business. Who could guess that a tiny virus should put the world upside down? Many people die and many more get very ill. The virus does not consider if you are rich or poor, it infect the ones that are susceptible. Our healthcare systems are near their breaking point when handling all the ill people.

Some choose to deny that the virus constitutes threat and that the ill people only is infected by something not worse than an ordinary flu. Some leaders try to take cheap political points.They ly to their citizens or diminish the risks with the disease. Regardless from that the consequences will hit everybody anyway. The economy of the World has made little of a complete pause. The deniers and the believers will be equally hit. Sometimes a work leader is infected and really ill which makes it clear that nobody is safe or protected fully. People die from the disease in every country och sooner or later the bill will be pointed towards the leaders that has chosen to mislead their people.

When countrys close down businesses and services, restrict travel, force people to keep themselves isolated, keep social distance to loved ones. In many cases people that might be at risk is kept isolated without possibilities to have visitors, both friends and relatives. Many people are forced into inactivity in the social aspect. You can’t go shopping, travel, have a party or socialise the way they are used to.

The things you are used to is under strict recommendation or is prohibited. Suddenly the collective wellbeing is more important than individual freedom to do what you want.

The protection of the ones at risk, protection of the healthcare system is put into to the front seat. The cost for the society is sky high and economy is put against the stop of the virus. 

A possibility that arise when you are forced to leave what have been occupying you is that you might have time to start to think about what you are doing. What can I do to minimise to end up here once again? What happens when the virus have decided to leaves alone? How is the inner feeling when there is no possibility to meet some of the loved ones? How do I feel to not have the possibility to even say goodbye to a loved one? The world is changing and a restart does not mean that moving back to the point where we were before the virus did hit us. The very foundation have changed. Many businesses and services has been forced to close down. Some have had the luck to be able to move their businesses out on the Internet and managed to survive. Many people have gained experience of working remotely, finding that you actually can be really productive from other places than your office. Finding that there are a number of tools that makes this easy to learn and to use. Old structures disintegrate and new ones emerge in their place. We have realised the importance of taking care of each other. No one ride out a storm like this alone, and yet we are at the beginning and not at the end of it. The full impact has not impacted us yet. Working towards solutions that have a holistic view must be the foundation. Businesses and services need to be beneficial to more than owners and investors. The things we put our effort into need to be beneficial, and bring joy, for the society and the citizens.

The needed change start in the moment that we increase our awareness. Of how we behave, how we think and how we communicate. When we think over how it affects our selves and the ones that are near to us. How it affects other persons that are in our vicinity, and how it affects people we work with. How it affects our environment and other living species.

When we observe how our behaviour affects others och think about what is really important, we might find small things that we can change in our behaviour that makes the ones around us can se a big difference. They can se that we have started to value the things that are really important in life, in the relation with our near ones and the relation to others and nature.

"Time feels like it has stopped and you begin to be aware of yourself and of life. Awareness of who you are, deep inside, is emerging. Life, nature and earth is beautiful and you are an inseparable part of it. A new understanding of life has been born."

When the change have started you will start reflect over the things you do at work, your hobbies or the ways you communicate. Is this what I want? Does this give me joy and satisfaction? Is it possible for other people to undertand me? Do I understand what other people say?

Maybe I can change the priorities I do in my life? Put the most important stuff at the top? Prioritise collaboration before argumentation when I end up in a discussion or conflict? Value my relations over the will to win every discussion? Work to get common understanding with people that have other views than I have? Find that their view is as valid as mine.

Increase your awareness of who you are and what you do. Increase understanding of the persons around you and look behind the mask of yourself and others. Put yourself in the frontline of the needed change of our behaviour. Let us show our self as the peaceful, loving and compassionate human being we are.

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