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October 5, 2018 | Jon Mostad

When I am one and not two, what is this like? Ok, I have two arms, two legs and two shoes, but I'm still just one? For example, I have only one head? I will try to give you my explanation.

You may be a new reader of my blog? If so, I would like to tell you that I post a text every Friday at 1700 European time. I am writing in English to reach an international audience. You who live in Scandinavia will find a PDF with the text in a Nordic language, if you prefer. The blog is shared on my Facebook page and my Instagram account is updated daily with Quotes and Captions, where the theme is highlighted in a short form.

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Let's look at the theme of the week together.

To be separated from yourself

I think all people experience once or more separation from the surroundings of life, actually many feel separated from life itself. I feel so, from time to time. If my pain is similar to yours, you and I have something common. About that experience, you and I are one, not two.

Separation is the prerequisite for life. We must be separated to become an independent life. We grow through mother's pregnancy, but sooner or later we will be separated from her dark, warm and protective life, cut off from her to be alive as separated. The process is both painful, bloody and loud. It usually starts with a scream. At the same time it is necessary and you understand why.

Life is a dedication to a spiritual purpose and the path we walk is an ascension road. The separation from one to two is necessary in order for us to find our way back to the one, the great edition of ourselves.

The incarnation

The journey into life is determined before conception, pregnancy and birth.

I would like to convey to you that my message is independent of religious and paranormal narratives. Yes, also free from the scientific discourse. My texts seek a spiritual purpose regardless of religious contexts and orthodoxy. I am an author on a free basis and extracts inspiration from different contexts that are true to me. My purpose is to motivate you to apply the knowledge that is valid to you so that you can shape your knowledge of life and the universe. If you read my texts as narratives and know you inspired to seek more knowledge, I have reached my textual vision.

You can find many different narratives and scriptural representations of the term «soul» and «incarnation». You’ll find different religious explanations that convey understanding of soul and incarnation, both alike and unlike. Look up these texts, read them and immerse yourself in them. Then free yourself from the texts and establish your own knowledge. This is deepest seen the ancient initiation road where you unite with "Osiris in your heart".

Earth - a heavy planet

Life is a physical manifestation of a spiritual idea. You are almost required to pass through a physical life in order to manifest a spiritual purpose. I say «almost». You can incarnate on planets other than Earth, but there are few places in the universe where an incarnation gives greater effect on the education of you as a soul. Incarnation on Earth is considered to be hard, as the Earth is still an unopposed planet, with a heavy matter and a retarding gravity. With a smile I say that "only the toughest incarnates on Earth".

In order to incarnate as a soul on Earth, you need a physical body. Just like divers who dive and work in water, need a diving suit. Your soul would not be able to incarnate on Earth and therefore not solve its fate of incarnation unless it takes place in a physical body.

With the physical body, everything comes with what the soul needs to solve its spiritual purpose, but there is a shadow side. Life on Earth is a 3D existence where everything is measured in length, width and height. The human body equipped with its senses , nerve system and its modern brain, is geared to a coarse physical reality, not for a highly frequent and spiritually specialized purpose. The perfectly adapted ego will serve as well as a support as a hindrance to the more fragile and vibrant soul.

The soul's challenge

My father taught me "where hard work is guarding, poverty is kept away». A wise saying. In fact, it's the obstacles that are your most important learners. You can learn more in adversity, than in the prosperity, depending on your reflections on the action patterns that do not lead to your goal.

The soul's challenge is also its possibility. The soul will learn to live with a dominant ego, circumvent this ego and thereby complete its spiritual task on earth. The soul is born into an ego-controlled body and will learn to separate itself from the ego through an association that disputes the same ego. The separation is no denial or destruction of the ego as many seem to believe, the process is an act of enlightenment. From the Sufi’s I have learned ;"Befriend your ego".

Your Acquired I and your Inherent I

What is our «Acquired I»? What is our "Inherent I"? I will try to convey my ideas. The inspiration to understand Man as separated from her/his Inherent I was given to me when I read texts by the Tibetan historical Buddhist teacher Milarepa (dead 1123). Our contribution is the result of the sense shaped and socially adapted I. Our senses are receptors for a 3D world, rarely humans experience the spiritual dimension of physical matter, which is far more complex than a 3D perception. I blog about the three dimensions of our reality, 3D, 4D and 5D. By reading my texts you will be able to form a picture of what I understand with a world in 4D and 5D.

Your Acquired I is the Ego's I. The I you need to navigate in a 3D world.

In your mind another "I" is waiting for you, your Inherent I. You can unite with your Inherent I, by redeeming your gift. When you are in your Inherent I, you have assumed a spiritual dimension in life where you are followed by your Awakened Master. When you exceed the limitations of a sense shaped and socially constructed world, and experience the world of ideas and see their causal existence, you perceive the spiritual dimension of matter. You are united with your Inherent I and you are guided by your Awakened Master, the illuminated dimension of all matter. By adopting your Inherent I, you live the life as you are destined for, in a spiritual dimension. You live your life’s purpose and you become your life purpose. Your life is then carried from a spiritual inner to a physical outer.

When You Are One and Not Two

One of the purposes of life is to unite with your Inherent I, another is to put your life’s purpose into action. The process where this happens is an inauguration you must seek out and reveal yourself. The separation is both a physical necessity and a spiritual challenge. You will need your Inherent I for navigation. Your Inherent I will open up and accommodate your Acquired I, so that you can become one with the spiritual world. This is what life as an ascension is about.

Is there a way to your Inherent I? Yes, is my answer. You will find many paths. The Mysteries, the great religious tales and many development programs can help you find your way. If you study my texts, you will find a way I would like to pass on to the one who asks, it is named DAWN.


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