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  • Jon Frang Mostad


The evolution of consciousness detached Man from nature, he left the cave.

Lonely, Man floats scared and abandoned in the Cosmos. Is there a way back to “God Natura “- Mother Earth?

In trying to understand consciousness, as a starting point for envisioning consciousness in time - the consciousness of the future, I have had to sought back to where the philosophy discerns that human modern consciousness began to take shape, where the Historical Man left the myths as emotional dimensions themselves were a part of, and into the intellect's isolations of the simplest constituents of the sensed, where man moved into what was to become the modern intellect.

In order to become "The Modern Man" as an intermediate stage to become "The Future Man", evolution brought Man out of his oneness with nature. Established as a separate being, the evolution pushes Man further into the Cosmos, to unknown destinations and possibilities. The purpose of evolution is the development of consciousness and I am concerned with how Man can be a co-creator in his evolution of consciousness. Therefore, I must understand the evolution of consciousness - I must know what to co-create and how.

You can understand me when I sigh over the size of the theme, because where do I begin my journey? In fact, I have solved the question for my own part, at least well enough to be able to begin the journey, a whole other question is how I will be able to communicate my travel experiences to you in the form of such short sketches as my texts are.

I start by opening the door directly into the Middle Ages.

The medieval natural philosophy ties together the pre-history Mother Earth, Plato's teachings on the ideas of all ages, the ancient ideals of genderless beauty, the Christian church's interpretation of nature as a picture of God's being, and the medieval incipient integration of "God" as both a transcendent (incomprehensible) ) and an immanent (understandable) force. Here, in this evolution of an incipient philosophy of nature for modern Man, alchemy emerges as a doctrine of how precious metals could be produced through physical processes, based on properties of matter itself.

What is it about the alchemy that fascinates me and that invites me into a closer investigative dialogue? Where man was either referred to the Church's explanation based on a transcendent and therefore an intellectually incomprehensible god or on the philosopher's mechanistic (intellectual analysis) detached from a divinity, the alchemy offers a third way - the understanding of nature as consciousness through nature itself. Behind the visible nature lies a hidden metaphysical nature and for the uninitiated it is kept secret. The alchemical exploration was an art shaped on exploring of the nature's inner premise. By going into nature, the alchemy sought to understand nature and its creative power. Alchemy evolved as an art form and became, alongside church teachings and philosophers' thoughts, a third perspective on establishing human beings in a relationship to lost nature.

Still, it is not the alchemy my short text and my texts in the future should be about, it is a gateway. I shall stay by a side of the alchemy that is not so well known to most modern people today, but which filled ancient Egyptians with the greatest focus; the knowledge of a universal unity in all beings - the inherent creative force in its 9 forms of being.

Let me start my next free article with a parallel knowledge of the alchemy; the Natural Magic.



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