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December 28, 2018 | Jon Mostad

Do you think that life sometimes hurts? To my self, I think life can hurts and be hard all the time. If so, we are two, and I'm sure we are more. We have something in common.

"When life hurts» is the theme of my first blog in 2019. Perhaps I should write about something that's easy and bright at the start of the new year? If you think so, you have a point. Nevertheless, I choose to write about the hard side of life because I think the hard side of life is a bigger gift, even if it does not look that way. In any case, we may say that it is a "hard" gift and the hard gifts were the most popular beneath the Christmas tree when I was a child.

Initially, some words about me to you who do not know me from before. My name is Jon and I spend a lot of my time writing books, blogs and making videos posted on social media. The topics are always about the spiritual sides of the universe and about being human on a planet like the Earth. I am particularly keen on finding ways to new self-awareness and increased awareness. Just expanded consciousness is the greatest challenge and opportunity of humans. Looking and reading in my previous blog posts, you'll find the topic processed from several different angles.

I post a blog every Friday at 1900 CET (Central European Time) on The week's text is followed up with an introduction video and daily Quotes / Captions on Instagram @mostadjon.

See you!

When life hurts

People I work with have in common that life in different ways feels painful. I have known the same myself. From time to time and almost like in waves, thoughts, feelings and muscles feel particularly painful. Do you have that? Is your life even painful? Then we go to the doctor. Being weighed, measured, listened to a certain extent and often we come with some well-meaning words and a prescription. Sometimes this is what's going for, but often we have not come anymore further.

What happens when life hurts?

When the body talks

A few years back I read the book "Your Body Speaks your Mind" by Debbie Shapiro. The text woke me up. Side by side, it shaped me that my body is an independent and intelligent being that has its own language. My body is talking to me! Such a discovery became a turning point. I thought until then it was only my mouth that talked. Now I understand that the body has its own language and it speaks through indexes (bodily signals). I realized that the body could even speak quite loudly if it was not heard. It could speak the language of pain.

From that day on, I understood life in a different way.

May the "hard" of life be a message?

Life is painful and hard, I have known for sure as long as I have lived. However, I have not thought that the pain is a language and that the "hard" of life probably is a message. I began to study spiritual texts and explanations from the great mystery traditions and religions. Slowly but sure, I built up a new idea of ​​life. Do you have that? Do you sometimes wonder why your life is both painful and hard? Have you ever imagined your body try to tell you something? Can you share a thought with me that life is hard because life is a form of education?

Life can be an inauguration process, but to what?

Life - an inauguration

Do you think the headline seems a bit "spooky"? If so, I agree, but give it a try. I'm on the trail of a possible explanation. What if life has a purpose? Many people come to me and ask me about the "meaning of life". Many do not know that life has a purpose. My answer is simple - if life didn’t had a purpose, life would have been totally wasted and an absolute uneconomic waste of energy. The universe does not work like that. Life has a purpose and for that reason life can be felt hard.

For my explanation to make sense, we must share the idea that we are individual souls who have decided to become "landowners" and therefore we have "moved" to Earth for the period of life. You can find texts on my blog where I write about the tasks that you and I undertake to reincarnate as the soul of a body. To my self I think such a perspective is really exciting.

We come to Earth among others to educate ourselves as souls!

Earth is a tough challenge

«Earth is said to be the most challenging place in Universe to reincarnate». I love this statement. I think that makes sense. My idea is that I as a soul have decided to incarnate in a physical body. This happens on a heavy physical plane, the Earth. I have a mission. One of the missions is just being in a physical body and learning from what such an experience brings with it. There are several other assignments that come with the reincarnation, but I can not write them here.

Spiritually, the Earth is an unlit planet, it is dark and shall be enlightened. It is physically heavy and has a strong gravity. Imagine that you will weigh one-third of what you weigh today, on Mars. In itself, a big temptation when it comes to questions, "Do you want to live on Mars?"

You are a soul in a physical body on a dark and heavy planet. The "profit" of incarnating on Earth is great and at a later date I may write about that profit. You can also search my blog and find text sections where I write about the dividend by "living" on Earth.

The sum of what I seek to convey to you is that the body as the soul's vehicle on Earth is constructed with instincts, senses and emotions. It has an intelligent brain as a teacher. All these sides of the body go together and create a personal ego with its own agenda. What the soul wants and what the ego wants is not always the same. Here a contradiction arises and the body is torn in different directions.

Do you feel confused, out of class and with a body like pain? The explanation can be here.

When life feels hard

Yes, when life feels hard, it's the life it self you know, the life on Earth. In fact, you can do much to make life on Earth feel softer and even painless, this is one my core messages as a spiritual teacher.

Hope I get the pleasure of meeting you reading my blog again.


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