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June 9, 2017 | Jon Mostad

When a person`s level of consciousness raises, lower tendencies such as hatred, greed, and anger fall away from his nature like dry leaves, and higher attributes, such as generosity and compassion, grow in equal proportion”

- Pandit Acharya Shriram Sharma

What a lovely saying.

“The Way” – says Lao Tzu, will reveal to whom who opens his mind. The Conditioned way of thinking – by logically and analytically emerging thoughts within the left brain, is to be developed by The Mystery way of thinking evolved by the right brain.

The Journey of Man is moving from conditioned thinking to mystery thinking – a phenomenological and spiritual intelligence is about to rise.

So – dear follower, we are about to move to a consciously shift. However – we need to give The Universe some help. What does The Universe need from me? My will - my strong will. «I am what I decide to become» is a transforming mantra when added to my will. I have to decide and I have to put my will into action.

Both in the eastern way of thinking as well as in the werstern, religious speakers and scientists tell us that reality is constructed by senses and thoughts. This is a perspective that gives me multiple choices to define what reality I will be a part of.

My «strong will» is a servant to me and I am the master. When I teach my servant «strong will» to raise my level of consciousness, i can move towards higher attributes and achieve growth. To do so I need to know how to address my self.

Through exploring for many years, by knocking on unknown doors and listening to the wisdom of others, I have been given unknown directions and possibilities. By listenting to the wisdom of my soul, which speaks to me through a phenomenological language without words, I strive to add distance to «lower tendencies».

God knows it is a hard task.

To me the key is to move from a spiritual reality within my energetic body in to the world of choosen reality through my physical body. We all have a spiritual body that works through our physical body, when we allow the Soul access.

This is what my program of selfconstruction «Dawn» is about.


(Photo Jon)

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