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  • Lars Echardt Petersen

What is spirituality?

Spirituality is basically about the journey of our soul from body to body. It is not something you are in conscious contact with in a busy everyday life, where you have lots of chores. A simple experience can hit something deep in us - A longing, a desire, a being. Here is one of my experiences:

I run through the woods. There is only me. What wonderful freedom ...

The sun is shining and the weather is good.

I feel the monotonous rhythm from my feet.

Slips into a meditative rhythm. A rhythm that makes me peaceful, open and free ...

Then I find myself in a completely different place.

There is no path in the woods where I ran a moment ago.

I walk in a forest clearing to where the forest begins.

There's a man I know, but something's wrong.

He (John) is taller than I am.

Strange. Usually I'm taller than him.

He stands completely still.

I walk towards him.

He is still standing completely still.

Next to him on the left are the 7 known chakras.

A voice speaks.

It's not John's voice?


"Lars you have the ability to penetrate everything ..."

Then follows a simple description of the 7 chakras.

I walked with John into the woods.

Inside the forest stands a powerful man with a black hood over his head.

He asks me to reach out my hands.

With a charred branch, he draws a symbol on each of my hands.

A triangle in one and a circle in the other. "

Then I return to the present. Instinctively, I look back. How far have I run while I was somewhere else? Why have I not fallen?

I contacted John by email where I told him my experience. I heard nothing for a month and a half. Then he called me while I was driving. I arranged a meeting with John.

John came to work with me for several years.

The very work that I call "core talk" consisted of going through the many layers that a problem consists of. One day John said to me. You almost ready now. Call me tomorrow.

I called John and he says a sentence to me I can not hear .:

Lars .: John you must repeat what you said. I can not hear it

John: I will say it again. You're trying to protect yourself.

3 times John had to repeat the sentence. Before he said it last time, I imagined I was a tennis player who was going to receive a hard ball in my chest. Eventually I could hear what he was saying.

John .: So what?

Lars .: Nothing! I'm completely empty. Totally peaceful.

I tried to recall my problem but nothing came up. It was gone!

As if it had never existed.

Why do I tell this story?

The spiritual is a being, a consciousness in the same way that one has a consciousness when driving a car. A car-consciousness. It can be hard to understand. Difficult because it completely evades normal logic. Logic cannot be used for spirituality. Logic is a tool used by scientists to make sure something can be proven. Most often, the understanding comes with time. When ready. So it is with emotions.

How will I ever be able to prove my experience from the forest? I can not. Then your experience does not exist ... someone will say. Yes it does ... I would say. What people will believe is entirely up to them. Thats the freedom we must give each other.

Freedom to experience based on each our interpretation and experience. Then the individual is set free to develop naturally.

Had a lucid run in the forest

Lars Echardt

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