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  • Jon Frang Mostad


Berkeley University in San Francisco, the frame is a Sufi Eve, the year is 2008. The atmosphere is relaxed friendly, inclusive and hopeful. Today I think we as an ordience, must have been perhaps as many as 2,000 people, present. The celebration takes place a beautiful autumn evening, in a lovely dressed auditorium.

This ceremony proved to be continued by a night without sleep to me. This is the backdrop.

I am visiting Institute of Noetic Sciences in Petaluma, to follow The New Equations program "The Physical Expression Of The Soul". The journey from Norway to San Francisco  has taken me 16 hours and I'm strongly affected by jet leg. The morning after arrival began as something completely different and absolutely contraindicated, rigidly materialistic, in comparison to what will end up in a deeply touching Sufi Celebration this evening:

In the small but very charming town of San Anselmo, I have found myself a professional and welcoming facility where my disoriented head and swollen feet were massaged. An attempt to befriend my jet leg. I pay and go, but stops... 

A welcoming brochure on the counter, invites to 'Unfold Your Inner I" at a Sufi Celebration at Berkley, in the evening same day. I got stuck. This invitation holds on to me - and I know when such a feeling talks, it is my 5th Dimention of Consciousness, my intuition, that speeks to me. I decided to accept the invitation. 

The celebration turned on to be a presentation of the peaceful and wonderful messages carried out by the Sufi tradition. 

The Berkley professor, who this evening led us through the ceremonie, including a guided meditation for everyone in the auditorium, initiated the program with the following emphasis that should come to keep me awake this following night: "The West has the best schools for the head - but no schools for the heart". 

Night comes, and I become present, turning around in my bed without sleep - "no schools for The Heart". This great man is right! At dawn after a restless night,  I release my last attempt to sleep and get up." I'll build a school for the heart", come clear to me. Since then, I have been on the move. 

You who read this, read what I write for a reason, and I need your help. You know where to find me and I know why you call on me. 



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