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March 8, 2019 I Jon Mostad

Whoever understands that time is space and not a line, becomes rich overnight.      The line above is within one of my quotes I find strength. When I am stressed and fall into old patterns where shortage of time is a pain, I bring this quotes forward. It opens the space of consciousness to me and lowers my shoulders. I got all the time I need, because time does not exist; space exists. You may be reading my blog for the first time? If so, you should know that every Friday CET (Central European Time) 7 PM, I posts a text on my blog. The texts reflect on spirituality and consciousness. The perspective I am particularly concerned with is the human encounter with different futures and especially the future where artificial intelligence is a major challenge. The weekly text is followed by quotes and captions on Instagram where you find me as @mostadjon. Welcome to my world of reflections. Do you believe in time? In the western world, I find that authorities, businesses and people "believe" in the time, almost as if it were a holy grail. Time is treated and respected as a physical size. It is a ruler between man-made activity and the infinity of space. Time is treated by philosophers as an abstract notion to be understood and it is part of natural science explanations about the cosmology of the universe. Time is tried explained both by quantum mechanics and the theory of relativity. I do not know if I understand so much of philosophy or of natural science, but I experience the time as a physical «God" in my daily life. Much of my life was lived when I discovered the time as a burden. Eventually I understood the time as something more than a measuring stick, a measuring stick for a limited perception of reality. The moment I renounce my "faith" of the time, very much became different. Among other things, from that point of no return, I should not achieve anything more in life, only be in a movement where I applied for new insights. I renounced being the man who "knew what he was going to accomplish" and left to the creative source I know flowing through me, to show me the way. I found great familiarity with the Chinese nature philosophy, Taoism's, thinking that nature is self-developing - no forced driven. You might have faith in time? Nothing is wrong with that, the time as a measuring stick can be of great help in a 3D world of length, width and height. If you want to see the world as more than a limited 3D performance, consider relinquishing the time as a measuring stick. When I was sick Well over 10 years back in time, I was very sick. Until my body would no longer be the vehicle for a life where success in a material world was all, "time" was perhaps my most important tool. I may not have to go into great detail in a short text to tell how I lived and measured my life before I got sick? My healing began with a wonderful doctor who understood perfectly what my life was limited to - the belief in results that could be measured, controlled, and weighed. The doctor gave me no medicine, he gave me something else - he taught me to breathe. Through various physical techniques and spiritual guidance, I won back the contact with my spiritual inner body and united my physical world with it. From being two - in separation with myself, I won an association with my inherent self and became one. By learning to breathe again, I learned at the same time to abandon the time as a measuring stick. Time separates In one of my projects, I was commissioned to develop a language in management that shifted the focus from measurement and control, to support and development. The client's concern that the organizational leadership language in use, was a language that limited more than it expanded. Leaders used their linguistic skills most of all to measure and control employees, than to support and develop them. I can't tell you the whole story in this short blog, but the mission was solved by creating a linguistic framework everyone could understand, it lacked only a significant dimension - the language couldn't speak force. The leaders who were to speak the language, was no longer supported by the grammar of power. You can find this reflections on the language of my blog. Why do I mention this language? Well - by removing the grammar of force from the leadership language in action, the leaders' world transformed. This is also the case with time as a measuring and controlling dimension. Removing time as a regulatory consciously factor, opens a new world to us. However, let me say, I absolutely agree that we can be helpful with time as a ruler. In everything from meeting to work to reaching the necessary train, the time is of good help, but nothing more. Time distinguishes between "old" and "young", "too late" and "precise", without any other purpose. It monitors, punishes and rewards. The space integrates Have you, like me, experienced that "I have been into this before"? Such experiences can be about people I have met and situations I find myself into. She or he, I have "hit you before" and no doubt prevails. The reunion is on an inner conviction plan that cannot be explained. This is also the case with situations. I just know that this I’m into now,  is something I have experienced before. I make many reflections on such recognitions. For me, they are predominantly related to positive recognitions. It is characterized by peace, deep familiarity and great knowledge. Can these personal meetings and the recognition of situations be about to "swim" in an "ocean" of time - that the time itself is the room I find myself weightless within? My physical senses are cutting up and organizing the experiences, and together with the introduction of time as a unit of measure and frame, am I separated from a spiritual access to a paradigmatically different experience of my life? The American shaman Michael Look Coyote, in one of his meditations says, "shall you go on an inward journey, you shall sit still". He may be right. The idea that the room is time opens for a new imagination for me. I "float" in a time-space and therefore there is "now," "past," or "future," only a position in the space. I'm not going anywhere, I'm not from a place. I move, yes, but not along a linear unit of measure. I act, create, dissolve - everything I do, but not in relation to "something" that "should something" with me, I am my own time, my own space. The space integrates you and me, we are there as parts of a common field, like floating free wills but at the same time at a spiritual mission. In several of my texts, I reflect on the purpose of life, about being a soul in a body and about the Universe as a unified co-creating consciousness. Here is the time, the space itself - the consciousness web.  End Do you find any meaning in my text valuable to you? Nice if you do. If you do not, then I would suggest to you to listen to the text as a piece of music you may not be able to fully accept, but can be curious about. If we always live in familiar frames, we do not create new opportunities for ourselves. Thank you for visiting my blog. Jon

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