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  • Jon Frang Mostad


The idea that I'm traveling through the universe on the small solid surface of a water planet at a speed of over hundred thousand kilometers an hour circling around a solid stove, caught by gravity with a deadly freezer about ten thousand yards out there, makes me think over «what am I doing»?

The idea of ​a ​transcendental creative power that decides to take shape is so incomprehensible to most of us humans that we must resort to symbols and images to have an understanding. It makes sense to me to regard that the universal creative force in its physical form, took place through three universal driving forces, and through them the secret is explained, as the birth of The Universe.

The one driving force is the IMAGE - the idea of ​​what the universe will be. This is the masculine power. For the universe to be able to evolve, it needs an idea of what it will be. The other driving force is the MOVEMENT - the wave that leads the image into the creative process. This is the feminine power. For the universe to be able to evolve, it needs this implementing force, what I call the feeding force. The third driving force is CONSCIOUSNESS - the result of the association between the image and the movement. Consciousness becomes the child of the two.

The universe is regarded today as a pulsating consciousness awareness. It is given as an IMAGE and set into form through MOVEMENT as power, and these two driving forces are creating the CONSCIOUS Universe, that now creates itself by expanding itself and embracing itself.

You and I are co-workers in the expansion of The Universe. We are not the only ones. Each mineral, each plant and animal, is a highly specialized co-creator of the concept of The Conscious Universe.

The Universe is destined for expansion and will expand on time is ripe to retreat. Until then, every day is a gift for the great experiment.


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