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Futures of Man aims at a greater understanding of the future of man. Through articles on our website, posts on Instagram and in our Facebook community, we reflect and invite to the exchange of views and experiences. You are welcome to take part.

Man's imaginary images have created great changes from where we shared being with the forces of nature in a life protected by dark caves and belief in a spiritual coexistence with the surroundings. Man gradually parted ways with the forces of nature and embarked on our emancipating journey, where a future-oriented and individual-based consciousness eventually found its form. You can read our reflections on this and other challenging processes for mankind, in our articles.

Evolution does not care about Man. Evolution lives its own life and is a relentless process that develops all energy and all life forms. If Man is to find breaking imaginary images, develop new self insight and choose the sustainable future for our humanity, each of us must take personal initiative in an individual process of evolution. Futures of Man believes this is possible. We therefore develop texts, programs and personal processes that give such a result.

The three major educations

This headline points to three directions of development that follow from our program DAWN. I'll tell you more about DAWN in a separate article. Stay connected.

When a person in his life stops and asks himself: is this all ?, the answer we give is: absolutely not, there is so much more. Life is so much more than what we imagine with our inner perceptions and thoughts. Futures of Man like to say that people live limited lives and in our texts you can learn more about what we understand by such a provocative statement.

If you want to look for what we call new self-insight and expanded awareness, you can look along many possible paths and open countless closed windows, Futures of Man has its. In general, we gather our development processes in the concept of Awakening. For us, Awakening is a form of initiation into a larger version of yourself, a version where you think bigger about yourself and develop your life’s purpose.

Since we think that Awakening is about replacing limiting performance images with extended once, we let our transforming programs follow a process that identifies and resolves the limitations. DAWN is such a tool and such a process.

After DAWN, which I will introduce to you in an upcoming article, the three major educations follow. We can say that these are already initiated by DAWN, but here they should be mentioned explicitly.

  • The first major education

The first major education is the education of your body. You are a soul in a physical body and it is the vehicle of the soul in a heavy matter. Since the soul's task is to develop itself and the consciousness of which it is a part, the soul's stay on planet Earth must function as frictionlessly as possible. A clean and balanced body gives the soul a greater opportunity to explore life on Earth. That is why it is so important that your body eats clean food, keeps its distance from tobacco, harmful artificial substances and is careful with alcohol.

I think these three moments are of great importance to your body, and many good helpers around you can inspire you to this first great education:

Physical movement

Good sensory experiences

Control of impulses

  • The second major education

The second major education is the education of your brain. The brain is the servant of forms and myths, so let me say a little about the brain.

The brain is our foremost tool for successes and disasters. Gradually, through sensory impressions and cognitions, the brain has categorized, sorted, and constructed hierarchies of mental imaginations and organized dispositions for action patterns. The brain is a tool for success.

The brain has created the notion of I - my ego, my self - as something else and separate from others. It is precisely the notion of our self that makes Man unique. We do not know if any other being has this notion of I distinct from others.

The brain's imaginary images and therefore our action patterns, are created by the environment's possibilities, expectations and reactions. That is why we call the brain the Conditional brain. The conditioned brain is logical, analytical, reasoning, reflective and speaking. We say that such analytical and logical processes are driven by the centers of the left hemisphere, but man has two hemispheres. The right hemisphere therefore creates something else. Here we find the centers that enable us to detach ourselves from the self and therefore the opportunity to enter the world of myths, so this half of the brain is called the Phenomenological brain.

We need both halves of the brain and they are fortunately connected to each other and support each other in our complicated life processes. But, and there is a but, much may indicate that Man's path towards an independent imaginary world, has neglected the development of the phenomenological brain.

DAWN is a tool and a process where you activate your phenomenological brain and seek new self-insight and expanded consciousness.

I think these three moments are of great importance to your brain, and many good helpers around you can give you inspiration for this second major education:

Get to Know Your Learned Self and Your Inherent Self

Live in understanding with the three faces of your Soul

Realize your Life Purpose

These three moments are transformed and taken care of by a DAWN process.

  • The third major education

The third major education is the education of your heart. The heart is the portal of insight and emotions, so let me say a little about the heart.

The heart is the gate opener and shows the way you can follow towards new self-insight and expanded consciousness. Let me immediately clarify that I am talking about your esoteric heart, not your biological heart as an organ in a physical body.

When I write about the heart, I write about the part of your body that holds your biological heart, the chest around and down towards the solar plexus. This part of your body is a center for your emotional intelligence, your capacity to understand and deal with the emotional life of others, as you encounter it.

The ancient art of wisdom taught that the heart was the center of human intelligence.

The history of ancient medicine tells us that the philosophers, in their search for the soul of the individual, located this indefinable quantity to have its place in the heart. Modern science maintains that our intelligence is located as processes in the synapses of the brain. New research today, however, shows that the heart sends impulses in the form of trace elements that affect the brain's neurological processes. Through meditation, practitioners succeed in stimulating the heart's influence on the brain. Scientists and philosophers who dare to go to the fringes of what is considered recognized science formulate ideas that the body's connective tissue is a repository of information and highways for the processing of mental ideas. Can the heart still be thought to be the center of our intelligence?

Anthroposophical thinking describes that the next great step in human evolutionary development will take place as a shift in thinking. Once in a while, Man should think with his heart and feel with his head.

I try to imagine what such a shift will entail. The intelligence of the heart carries the essence of everything - senses everything, experiences everything, processes everything and knows everything. The heart is located to the spiritual and energetic notion of our 7 chakras. The heart chakra is considered the energy center of love, and is associated with Man's ability to give and receive love. An open and well-balanced heart chakra is believed to manifest through well-developed empathic abilities, a deep sense of peace and kindness.

When the intelligence of the heart prevails, the absence of prejudice and the presence of forgiveness will be the dominant intelligence. How do you balance your heart chakra? How do you open your heart as the gateway to your emotional intelligence? This is what the third major education is all about.

I think these three moments are of great importance to your heart, and many good helpers around you can give you inspiration for this great great education:

Identify your Inherent I.

Understand and control your impulses and irrational emotions

Seek a new self-insight and meet other people's performance images free of prejudice

If you go through a process of DAWN, you will stimulate and open up your heart chakra.


Stay tuned

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