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September 20, 2018 | Jon Mostad

Does the soul have a face? The title of my text this week indicates a YES.

You who follow me know I'll post a weekly text every Friday at 1700 European time. My texts are especially focused on the necessity that human beings are active in their own evolution and take responsibility for opening up an expanded consciousness. Every human being is born as a magic child and has everything in order to become a giant in his own life.

I have a spiritual purpose for what I write. I do not convey religious or paranormal views. On the other hand, I can point to the major religions and borrow perspectives from the paranormal understanding. My texts are neither scientific, but here I also borrow knowledge and results from both science of nature and science of spirit. My purpose is to motivate you for interest in spiritual purposes.

The texts are posted weekly on the blog and are distributed to Facebook. Every day, I expand my texts with Quotes and Captions on Instagram @mostadjon. You can subscribe to my blog and follow me on Instagram, free and without obligations.

So for the week's text.

Does the soul have a face?

The question was not asked if the answer was NO. I know great joy and freedom in life by saying, "Yes, my friend, the soul has a face and not two souls faces are alike."

Search and you'll find, knock on the door and it will be opened for you

You are a soul that has a stay in a body and you are unique. "But"- you might say, "what is a soul that have a face? "Then I will answer you: seek your own knowledge of the mystery of the soul. That wisdom is hidden for you but imaginable. In your very own process you can uncover the mystery of the soul and create your story. In my texts you will find more clues.

Ego and Soul

For those seeking awakening to a greater insight into the mysteries of life, one key is investigate the relationship between ego and soul. Your body is perfectly adapted to a 3D (dimensional) world. The reality appears in length, width and height. Your senses and nervous system power the ability to maneuver the body in a 3D reality. Humans genetic, senses and experience-based minds usually lead safely through the various challenges of physical life.

However, you live not only a physical life in a 3D reality. You are primarily a soul on a journey of spiritual exploration and the journey has three purposes. What three purposes? Again, I show you to my texts. Just the exploration process and their own reflections are important to those who seek to know the mystery. One of the three purposes is to develop the soul you are. This happens through an infinite long journey in the form of incarnations. Even that you are a soul tells me that you have traveled far and have come a long way. To develop your soul, you must know its face.

Ego versus Soul

Ego controls your 3D physical life. The soul seeks access to physical reality but in a higher consciousness form I call the form 4D and 5D. In my texts you can read about these forms of consciousness. Ego is a strong force. It must be a strong force to navigate you through physical reality. The soul is a far more finely tuned and higher vibrant force, it will seek to realize your spiritual purpose in a coarse physical reality. In order for the soul to realize its spiritual purpose, it must pass beyond the ego. Here, most opposition occurs. The contradiction between ego and soul can cause pain. Therefore, I say, "When the body hurts, the soul speaks."

The Mystery

The soul's task is to descend into matter, that is, gaining experience from the 3D physical reality that the human body experiences. At the end of life, the soul's task is to rise to spirit, that is, back to its starting point, its base. I call the descent of the soul in substance for "invocation" and ascension to the spirit of "evocation". You can read a separate blog about this image.

In order for the soul to be able to live in a 3D physical reality, it needs a body and this body is ruled by its ego. In order for the soul to rise to spirit, it needs access to a source that is stronger than the gravity that holds all physical matter together. The soul should be able to lift itself out of the gravitational stalemate. This knew the wise women and men of ancient times. Through initiations, they obtained selected gradual insights into the secret cosmology and mystery. The ancient priestesses and priests were scientific inaugurated and their "religion" was a science we can only look for in the form of symbols, buildings and mythical stories today.

The soul's three faces

The soul is lifted out of a coarseness of substance, turning to a finer vibrant enlightened spirituality, of a force acting through non-action. Most people who know my story from books and blogs, think my story is abstract and difficult to understand. Look at nature. A tree does not grow from its roots, but from the tip of its outer leaf, it touches the sun's rays in the surrounding air. That's how it's with the soul too. It is lifted by a source among ancient mathematicians known from the secret doctrine, and as the great religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) refer to as the "Trinity God." God as the creative and transcendental power of the universe is three and at the same time one. The trinity of power that initiated and creates the universe, is a force of nature that works in the human soul.

The Divine Mathematics

The math as it was delivered to humans by a civilization we know today only through the myths and the traces it left behind in the great wisdom cultures of ancient times, knew this power and described it. You know Phytagoras? Mathematicians and mystics. He who formulated the note and tone theory that forms the basis of music today. Phytagoras were consecrated in the secret cosmology and passed it on to his students through inaugurations, in his mystery school in Greece. In math today you will find the term Delta - the sign as a pyramid. The character has the function as a differential operator that is inserted into equations to create a result that otherwise was not possible. Phytagoras pyramid is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet - D for delta. Why Phytagoras chose the fourth letter of the alphabet as a secret symbol of its knowledge, has a mythical explanation and I do not reveal it here and now.

I have chosen to associate Delta as an explanation of the force of nature that brings the soul back to the Spirit by releasing the soul from the gravity of the substance. The individual soul returns to the Spirit by uniting three sources and each source is a face. Therefore, the soul's three faces, is your individual and spiritual creative power throughout life.

All individual souls can be predicted through the imagination of its three unique faces.

How do you find the three faces of the soul?

You will find the soul's three faces hidden in your body. You can search, decode and manifest the three faces of the soul through a process that I call «The Archeology of The Body". Soul's footsteps and thus a map of its exploratory voyages in the physical 3D world are found in your body. The map left in your body , is your guideline to awaken the stories that lead you to the three faces of the soul and thus to your spiritual identity.

The story of your spiritual identity is one of the main gates of a new self-awareness and expanded consciousness. From here you can take part in your evolution and unite with your Inherent I.

Summary words

The mystery is hidden within you. You can seek out the mystery by searching the key to wisdom, walking the path and through the choices you make. You can ask your amazing intellect dominated by your ego and you get the conditional answers. You can ask the body's phenomenological memories of the soul's journies, the soul responds and you get the higher knowledge of your life.

Keep track of texts that come and put the puzzle on your spiritual life.


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