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November 23, 2018|Jon Mostad

Are you ready for the second text of the three pillars on which The Great Consciousness Shift rests?

I promised you three texts that together show you a process where you can systematically work to create a developed self-awareness and increased consciousness. In last week's text I designed the overall picture - The Sapience - the wisdom. Today I will draw up the tools you need to walk the spiritual way. We will visit the treasury of methods.

My blog texts are about the development of spiritual awareness; an expanded awareness. We construct reality through senses in a physical body and give ourselves the perfect image of a 3D world. The problem is that a 3D world is a limited world. Our senses limit the reality to us.

Every Friday 7 pm European time, I post my weekly blog. It is shared to my Facebook page. In the week that comes, I will elaborate on the theme through Quotes and Captions on Instagram @mostadjon. Whoever reads my blog and follows me on Instagram, accesses spiritual texts that relate to the evolution of a new and expanded consciousness.

Let's get to it.

The ruling science image

In mainstream science, "soul" and "fate" have no place. The ruling science image is about the universe being a physical size and almost driven as an advanced piece of mechanics. Driving forces are nature laws we know. The problem is that this image does not respond to phenomena science observes but does not understand. Do we face existing hidden and forgotten laws of nature? Did the ancient science traditions and the great religious narratives know a cosmology (science of the universe) that is unknown to us today? A sapience we may see traces of through pyramids and myths? Does this possible cosmology know the secret of the universe? How the universe became, evolves and eventually may be replaced by a new universe? Are there parallel universes and multiple realities?

Experimental researchers and philosophers today see this as opportunities.

The old brain

By studying ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and texts in papyrus rolls, we know that the Egyptians "lifted with sound and cut with light". What technology did this civilization have access to? Which nature laws are the basis for the construction of the pyramids? The ancient narratives say that people were given insight into a science that needed a "different" brain than the phenomenological myth brain that characterized those tribal communities at that time. To build civilizations that could manage a cosmology that contained keys of understanding the universe's "mathematics", humans should develop a scientific brain. Slowly, therefore, the old brain was shut down and the logical analytical opened up. This happened through initiations. Priesthoods of ancient times were scientific initiations.

In this way myths and knowledge were separated.

The new brain

The time to shut down the Old Brain I see as "The Little Death." In the Egyptian world of imagination, the day wandered against its little death when the sun went into the night. Through the dark hours of the night, the sun sets the accounts, was cleansed and prepared for "The Great Birth." Identical with the notions of a human life. As the sun was shut down, the old mystery brain was shut down. The process started for thousands of years back. In the time to today, the new brain is developed. The modern human being has access to a vital brain capable of the great scientific discoveries. Therefore, time has come to awaken the old brain from "The Little Death." The path of evolution is to develop a holistic brain where analysis and spirit points to a common future.

Almost 100 years ago, the European scientist, philosopher and pedagogue, Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) explained that a time would come when man in his evolution would "think with the heart and feel with his head." When modern science has begun writing consciousness into its mathematical formulas to unite quantum mechanics and general relativity theory, I imagine that we are at the birth of the holistic brain.

The conscious universe

I wish I could find space in this blog to argue for science's notions about the conscious universe. I would need a lot of bits and bytes and you would need a good time for digestion. You can actually read the passages on the subject in other texts in my blog. What is consciousness ? Is consciousness what is happening in the myriads of the brain of synapses or is consciousness something that flows throughout the body and where the brain is more a radio? I have come to the conclusion that the last picture gives me the most meaning.

Imagination of consciousness today is concentrated on three perspectives. A - consciousness is done by and with the brain. B - consciousness is stored in local networks almost as in a cloud-based solution. C - the universe itself is consciousness and all matter is differently conscious and develops consciousness. Explanatory Model C is my favorite. It opens that I can extract the potential into a spiritual understanding of life. The explanation of the conscious universe gives me the opportunity to understand awareness as something greater than me.

If the universe is conscious, this gives humans endless opportunities but also some serious challenges.


«Evolve or die» is a slogan that sets the stage for development. Those who do not participate in evolution are short and get «left to themselves». Now this is a picture and not a valid alternative for people in daily life. Evolution is the process in which the creative universe further develops itself. I see the picture as an exciting opportunity, not as a threatening reality. Man is the only species on earth we know, who dicerns and chooses. Most of living matter take forms of choices, but not based on the complicated cognitive processes we humans are known to use.

Man can choose to participate in the evolution of his own consciousness. This is what my text and my program «DAWN - the Sapiens, the Succession, the Selection» is about.

The path

The path is life - the life you are living. The path itself is the narrow and crooked ascension through the pyramid and leads you to the dedication of the Queen's Chamber and the King's Chamber. You will find the way, in yourself and by yourself. No one can teach you the path, but many can be there for you and support you. Imagine the pyramid like life - a journey of substance back to the spirit.

The path is the treasury of the methods. You are a soul in a body. You have chosen the incarnation yourself and agreed upon the Master Plan for your stay on Earth. In order for you as a soul to be able to move through the substance's inertia and finally breaking the gravitational grip to return to the monad (spirit), you need to know your spiritual ascension - the differential source and power that elevates you through the resistance in matter. This power is a hidden nature act, unknown to most but known to someone like Qi. It can take many forms. Phytagoras who consecrated, knew the power and gave it the name DELTA, after the Greek's fourth letter in the alphabet. DELTA is written as a three-edge, a pyramid and is the fourth character of the greek alphabet. Why triangle and why the fourth sign? This is part of the mystery I can return to. You can read about DELTA in several of my texts.

Your DELTA is your differential power and it is unique to you. I can make it for you, in a personal process, and it takes the form of "Three Faces of the Soul." The procedure I call "the archeology of the body". With insight into your DELTA it is possible for you to implement your Master Plan for life. It is coded, hidden and forgotten in the body. You have to search for the plan. When it’s found you’ll decode and manifests it in it’s physical form. This is also part of the path. This is a part of my support to you.

You've probably climbed many ways in your life and known how heavy uphills can be. That's how it's also when you walk the spiritual path. It may feel heavy. Resistance exists at all levels. You can identify the obstacles that exist between you as a physical body and your spiritual plan of life. The obstacles will be found on all of your 7 main chakras and from there they will be dissolved. A new hidden and forgotten act of nature must be identified and activated. I call it the "Law of Prehension" and it appears in several names. Enabling the law allows you to attract opportunities that solve the obstacles. This is action through non-action, the old path of Taoisme.

Darkness and Light

The path is the practice of transforming the darkness into light, the task of a light worker. The dark shall not be displaced, repressed or broken, the darkness shall dissolve. You dissolve the darkness by lightning the light.

This is to walk the path. You’re not left alone. Other humans are waiting for you and your spiritual helpers work in your way as soon as you call for the Succession. In my third text (following week), I will explain the Selection for you.

Stay tuned


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