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November 30, 2018 | Jon Mostad

Welcome to my third text of initiation to a new self-awareness and increased consciousness. The texts can be read independently of each other. I would still recommend you to read the text about The Sapience first, then read the text The Succession. Humans face some fundamental challenges and opportunities. By reading these three texts you get access to my ideas about how people can open up to be direct traders in their own evolution and in the evolution of humanity as a whole.

Science is about to realize that the universe is developed by a cosmology that is intelligent and that the expansion itself is conscious. Science of Nature meets the faculty of Science of Spirit and these two thought forms will be the foundation of the third science, the Science of Holistic. The technological development creates an artificial intelligence that exceeds human intelligence in several areas. Together, this tree constitutes the essence of my pragmatic argumentation to why humans should seek a new self-awareness and expanded consciousness. Similarly, I put up three spiritual ideas that point to the same - new self-awareness and increased consciousness. I have briefly mentioned the spiritual assumptions in earlier texts.

Every Friday at 7 pm CET (Central European Time) I post a week's blog shared from my webside, on Facebook. On Instagram @mostadjon I post micro poetry that elaborates on the theme of the week. You can follow me free of charge and without obligation. I am very pleased with comments and questions. Feel free!

The text of the week is about The Selection - and what is The Selection?

DAWN - The Sapience - The Succession - The Selection

Humans live their lives as best they can. Many live lives in balance and development, others live lives in imbalance and stagnation. People are healthy and people are sick. People make good memories and others do actions that do not work well for them self and others. In my picture all life is "correct" and no life is "wrong". People live the lives they do, based on the assumptions the individual are born into, the social context that affects life and the experiences that are created. However, humans are the only beings on earth who has the ability to distinguish between actions and to make choices. Therefore, man is also a responsible creature.

For thousands of years, man has developed an advanced natural science-oriented brain; logical and analytical. The development of this wonderful brain has taken place by closing down the "old brain", the mythical. This is part of the theme that has been reviewed in my previous texts. It is now time for the "old brain" to wake up, meet the "modern brain" and create the "new brain." All of this happens in order for people to be prepared for the future that will come to an end of old ideas and patterns of action.

Where do we find the school telling us what to expect? Where are the new pictures and where is the methodological practice that opens up for people to adapt and develop the evolution for their own and the community? You will find a hidden and forgotten knowledge of the universe, the future and the plan for your own life, in the mysteries, in the symbols and in science. You should look for forgotten knowledge within your own body. I have developed the program "DAWN - The Sapience - The Succession - The Selection", as an opportunity for you. From an overall plan of ideas where you are introduced to the myths of knowledge, the program presents the meditative and spiritual tools and you are introduced into a practice that shows you the way to a new self-awareness and increased consciousness.

This is what my three texts for the weeks 47, 48 and 49-2018 are about.

The Selection - the third column

In-organic and organic life makes choices, in their own way. Mineral processes make choices, the flowers are planning, the animals as well. Humans do all this, based on highly complicated both energetic, biological and cognitive processes. Man chooses on the basis of ethical reflections. Through laws of the civil society human beings are responsible for their actions. The great narratives of the Hindu, Buddhist and Taoist traditions explain the world as created by the thoughts. Future research is on the same mindset when it says that we can choose our future and attract them through imaginations and actions.

The Selection is the third column. The three columns keep the construction of your life up and give you the opportunity to lead in your own evolution. You will know The Sapience, I treated The Sapience as a theme in the text for weeks 47-2018. You will know The Succession and I treated it as a theme in the text for week 48-2018. Remember - The Succession is both symbolic and physical, the path you walk. We all walk on a path, in different meanings. As you walk on a path, with the big advocate, you walk the spiritual path, the one that leads you to new self-awareness and increased consciousness. The path who prepares you for future times.

What is The Selection?

In the DAWN program, The Selection is the phase in which you transform obstacles by attracting opportunities. Obstacles are old patterns, convictions and blockages that serve the ego's control of your body and your surroundings. The obstacles are created by instincts, emotions and socially constructed learning. They are useful helpers for the ego. The Ego monitors that you live within the sensational framework of a 3D world - a material and physical world. The obstacles are like thresholds of a bigger treasure. They reject your attempts to gain insight into your life's purpose. They are an effective barrier between you as soul and your spiritual enlightenment of the physical world. If you live your life in an appraisal of your life’s purpose your life loses the karmic opportunity you are given in this incarnation. Therefore, obstacles must be identified and transformed into opportunities in the service of spiritual life.

You can not find the obstacles by asking your head what or who these obstacles are. You must apply the obstacles in the body's connective tissue - the freeways for transporting Qi. You have more bodies. The body that transports Qi, that is, the energy that makes all of you alive, is your energy body. When the energy paths in the energy body are blocked, the transport of Qi is inhibited. When you're missing Qi, your lifestyle and your vitality are slowed down. The obstacles do the job they are doing, on behalf of the ego, they will keep you active within a materially limited world.

Once you have identified the obstacles, the process of DAWN sorts the obstacles on their current chakra. You know the term chakra? Chakra is an energy center that helps transport Qi to different parts and levels of your energy body. If one or more chakras are blocked by obstacles, the life force is blocked. The choice is about identifying the obstacles, sorting them on chakras and then finding the possibilities that solve the obstacles - I call this meditative technique for "internal surgery."

The Liberation

The Selection is about solving energy linked to the body's power center, represented by the 7 chakras. The obstacles are solved by being replaced by their opposite in terms of opportunities. The power of opportunity comes to you through the principles of the Law of Attraction. The possibilities must be accurately formulated. You can help the body with the physical transformation process. For my part I have used reiki, massage, yoga, meditation, flower medicine and more.

As the transformation takes place, you replace the acquired you, with the inherent one. You will then become the great edition of yourself, the one you are destined to be. The process of understanding, searching and reviewing a process of DAWN is a way of living for a larger spiritual life purpose.

All my best on you journey.


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