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November 16, 2018 | Jon Mostad

My ideas that people are facing a change of consciousness are shared by many. Most of us no longer find the story of the material and mechanical universe valid. Thoughts and therapies based on a spiritual approach to the universe break forth. Mainstream science looks after other explanatory models. Future research points to mega trends that change our established performances. It all happens fast. In my texts, I reflect on an imminent change of consciousness. Each of us must be active in our own evolution and there is a succession to walk.

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Last week's blog, I presented my thoughts about The Great Consciously Shift. I associate the change of consciousness, among other things, with the development of artificial intelligence and the development of a new science. The artificial intelligence will surpass ours in key areas, it will occur in humanoids, be rational and emotional. The new science will be a synthesis of natural science and spiritual science. For man, this is a golden opportunity to take its next major evolutionary step. If man still is to be the one who sets the premise for development on earth, human consciousness has to surpass all that we know today.


This does not have to be frightening because there is a path to discover. Each of us can create new self-awareness and increased consciousness. Many roads lead to Rome. You can search and select programs that create new self-awareness and expand your consciousness. I outline one and I call it for DAWN. Among my texts you will find more information.

The three columns

Humans are not left to themselves. Humans have support in powerful friends and helpers. The knowledge of the cosmos and nature laws that surpasses our imagination was given humans by a science culture so far back in time that we find only indirect traces of it today. Parts of this knowledge are preserved and we can find it in pyramid buildings, in hieroglyphs and in religious transitions. The Freemasonry tradition is also a movement in which the old knowledge is sought to be preserved.

I go an independently way based on studies and practices. If I were to label my idea, I had to create within a form of narrative science. Such an approach combines the analysis and the phenomenon, and puts the results together in an executive practice.

In my previous text, I agreed with the readers that I should present the three columns that build on the path of man to a new self-awareness and expanded consciousness. The first column is the Sapience - wisdom.

The Sapience

New self-awareness and increased consciousness build on knowing wisdom. You come to the Sapience through two parallel insights. You must know the mysteries and you must know the science. Thus, the ancient initiations went to the forgotten cosmology. The process is personal, transformative and spiritual. When led to a meeting with Sapience, you must identify and implement it. You will have to make it known to your head and heart. The wisdom is held before you and you must transform your ideas yourself.

Consider life like a pyramid - a triangle.

When the pyramid is drawn from its wide foundation, the tip points up. We can talk about the peak of the pyramid. The pyramid is a symbol that illustrates the way of the soul back from the immersion of matter and back to the spirit. You are a soul that has dived into the substance and is going to return to the spirit. This is what physical life is about, in a very simple explanation. The peak of the pyramid is Wisdom's insight level. From this level your life is shaped and put into fabric. By a personal, transformative and spiritual process, you can expand your insights and gain access to a larger life.

You must know yourself. You should know that the one you see in the mirror is a 3D edition that holds larger editions. These are hidden for you as long as you consider yourself with the sensory device in your physical body. You are more bodies. You are an energy body, an emotional body, a mental body and a causal body (higher intuitive body). Each of these bodies has their senses that you can see and experience yourself through. I can gather the senses into two main groups - the physical and the spiritual. The sapience is about understanding that there is a world you can see with a sense device that is hidden for you and which you are going to open up.

You will know the relationship between the physical body's well-functioning ego and the soul that dive into the body you are identified with. You must understand yourself as a soul on a mission for the spirit and the destination is the substance (matter). The soul's task is as the tasks of the scientific devices on the planet Mars and otherwise in space, namely to gather knowledge. You are on a journey of discovery as a soul, you will put your tracks in the matter. The ego that creates and controls your mind does not understand this. The ego works against it. The struggle between ego and soul is a contradiction to solve. To solve the contradiction, you must understand it. The wisdom shows you the picture.

You must know the hidden and forgotten laws of nature that all creation is driven by, it is powerless and acts through non-action. Knowing the "Three Faces" of the soul, you know the differential power that lifts you as soul through and out of gravity. You can overcome all gravity by acting in accordance with your spiritual lifting power, the "Three Faces" of the soul.

You will visit, decode and materialize your Master plan for life. The plan is coded, hidden and forgotten in you. You will find it, understand it and implement it. To make this possible, you need to identify the obstacles imbedded in your body and transform these into opportunities. The obstacles are found as blockages in all your 7 main chakras. They can be picked up and dissolved by a sort of mental "surgery»; you attract their opposites as helpers.

The dedication to cosmological science in ancient times went through initiations. The final dedication to science occurred to the neophytes by finding themselves from the suburbs of the pyramid through a narrow and unknown shaft representing the ascension road to the higher known, via the Queen's Chamber to the congregation in the King’s Chamber. There the reward was awaiting.

Your next step

From the point of the pyramid, your way into matter is through the level of the method. Metaphorical is the level of methods, the middle layer of the pyramid. From the high insight, the methods are reflected in the fabric. Here you will find the tools and procedures you will use to implement Sapience. In my next text I will present the path of Succession for you.

Stay tuned


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