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«Once you were a flower - as consciousness you thought of the sensitive thoughts» (@mostadjon)

"Life is short," most people believe. Life is perceived as being composed of short, hectic phases, where everything that is important must take place in the adult period. The phases of childhood and old age have less value. Besides, most people seem to think, we only have this one experience of lived life. Then of course everything has to happen "in the middle of life".

Such a view of life is far from my beliefs.

Welcome to my blog where I reflect on topics related to paths leading to new self-awareness and expanded awareness. Driven by technological evolution and an inherent curiosity, Man will face new futures and an artificial intelligence that will change most notions of learning and work. Different future scenarios will require adjustments and choices. In this diversity, new self-awareness and expanded awareness are tools for survival.

Every Friday 0700 PM CET (Central European Time), I post a text shared on Facebook. Daily I elaborate on the text with quotes and captions on Instagram where you find me as @mostadjon.

The Long Run

Through four blogs I will elaborate on my reflections on the topic "to know oneself". I posted the first text on Friday of the week 19-2019 and the text is named "Knowing your self". The headline points to my quote "Once you were a rock - as consciousness you thought of the long thoughts". That text starts the four texts altogether. The second text is presented in this blog. The third text in Week 21-2019 and the fourth in Week 22-2019 will complete a bouquet of ideas about understanding oneself as a human being in a large perspective.

The first text, "Knowing your Self," was initially thought of as a reflection on The Theosophical notion that Man has a path of development that extends back to the Universe in the time after the great creation, when everything was dust and swirled restlessly and got gathered in clusters that evolved into the precursor of the planets. The perspective "from star dust to man" gives people an infinity of opportunities to look differently on themselves. When I associate this performance with the text for Week 18-2019 (You're not abandoned), so that I collectively get five texts, a picture takes form. I paint a performance with words over four, or five texts if you want to find the connection to a spiritual starting point.

You may find the texts difficult to read? If so, I can share that experience with you. If you are a new reader of mythical and spiritual texts, you may find that the context I write in is difficult to understand? You're so right. Any effort you make to stretch your skills longer than they do today, through literature, mathematics, art, sports, etc., creates new insights into yourself and expands your awareness. You create a larger world for yourself, but more than that, you contribute to the expansion of the Universe. I say to the one who reads my texts and thinks they are demanding to follow; "Let the words come to you as they are, you do not need an immediate understanding; listen to what comes to you like music never heard before».

Should we try so?

Time as stone

The notion that the starting point of the living Man is found in star dust and water molecules, that floated around the sun before the Earth was created, is for me an infinitely fascinating performance. The human body evolved from star dust and water. This water-containing dust gathered through the journey into planet Earth. The precursor and premise of Man to evolve was hidden in the connection between the minerals and the water molecules.

The minerals are not created by life, they are the prerequisite for and the ingredients in life. Science says that the minerals are inorganic, that is, they do not contain carbon. So, the world is divided into two - an inorganic world characterized by the fact that it has no biological past, and an organic world that has a biological past? So, until today, we have learned about how the world is built up. This is a simplified representation and it becomes smaller and milder valid. We now know compounds between inorganic compounds that are naturally associated with organic compounds. Thus, we can see a bridge between these two worlds.

I have long known that the distinction between an inorganic and an organic world has been an artificial divide. Everything is built of particles, atoms and complex molecular structures. Inorganic and organic "constructs" relate to each other both naturally and through synthetic Man-made compounds. It is beyond the reach of my short text to write a deeper explanation of the relationship between the inorganic and organic worlds. Do you allow me to use this brief introduction as a point to the image I am trying to create?

Time as stone is a metaphor, that is, an abstract image. In an infinity of time, the premise of my physical body, evolved in an inorganic world, philosophically called The Realm of Minerals. There, the building blocks that formed my body learned to become "self", see themselves in relation to other building blocks and to enter into complex relations with other complex minerals. An amazingly complicated and fundamentally important part of evolution into life in the form we know today.

Time as plant

The evolution of the Solar System and the Universe in all continued the complexity of the inorganic world. I support the more recent scientific notions of a universe that "builds itself" and therefore in itself is conscious and therefore intelligent. The Realm of Minerals as I have briefly outlined above is an expression of consciousness and this consciousness is alive. To me, the inorganic world is also a living world and it is part of a living and self-creating consciousness. The transition to the higher-frequency form of consciousness, The Realm of Plants, found its design through an infinity of time. The minerals "moved in" into more complicated constructions and entered into life forms that eventually developed DNA. The transition between The Realm of Minerals and The Realm of Plants can be virtually impossible to see and understand, unless we use strict scientific classifications and norms. Science helps us clarify and separate facts from myths. My approach to the world is phenomenological and I write my texts in a narrative form. What "lives" and "does not live" is determined scientifically by definitions, but I am not bound by a mechanical / materialistic and deterministic science in my stories. Where life "ends" and where life "begins" is less interesting to me as I see all matter as consciousness.

Time as plant is also a metaphor, like the metaphor Time as stone. The knowledge of the minerals associated with distinguishing between "ones" and "others", developing attraction to surrounding minerals, forming part of compounds and linking them into complex molecules, is the prerequisite for the evolution of the more highly vibrant; The Realm of Plants. Simple organic compounds evolved into more complex compounds such as greens ferns and from there to flowers as we see them today. Plants have advanced feelings, they make specialized connections, plan strategically and act dynamically. All of this we know from the science of The Realm of Plants. In the flower medicine, plants are called "agents of consciousness" in that they consciously seek for physical and mental blockages within the receiver, and dissolve them.

Know yourself

Man is confronted daily with evolution of own life. Technological developments fling the prerequisites for the development of Artificial Intelligence that will surpass human intelligence in most areas. Therefore, Man must take his evolution seriously and actively seek new construction of self-insight and work to expand his consciousness.

The knowledge that you are built of inorganic and organic compounds in an element of water, and over time developed your consciousness from star dust into a communicating and colorful plant, forms the basis of the introduction to the next realm; The Realm of Animals.

See you in the next blog.


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