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  • Jon Frang Mostad


Does a "highest form of intelligence excists?" Where do I apply for it? When I wrote my book "IDA - The New Language of Leadership", I had to search for an answer. 

In former studies of Innovation Management, I stated the language of intuition as "The Beautiful Insight". I imagined there is a way to hear what has no sound, figure what have no form and understand what is not thought. Mothers do. I know. Intuitively they know when to feed their child, go to their bed and pic them up, touch them to balance. How do they know? 

When I wrote my book "IDA", which is the languages of  Intuition, Discourse, Analysis, I met a profound saying of Jiddu Krishnamurti:

"The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence". 

Krishnamurti`s perspective, caught me. Yes. This is wisdom. This is to be understood. But, please, how is it possible not to evaluate? Just because of my conditioned mind, I am a succees. I can read what is wrong, optimal and dangerous. This is a winning conscious and cognitive capacity given to Man through evolution. 

Alongside studies of books that has come to me through years, I met Buddha`s teachings about The Five Clusters of Clinging. Something happened to me. A sort of understanding arose.  The text told me to get rid of:

1: The Cluster of Clinging to Form...

2: The Cluster of Clinging to Feeling...

3: The Cluster of Clinging to Perception…

4: The Cluster of Clinging to Construction… 5: The Cluster of Clinging to Consciousness…

The Cluster of Clinging to Form is about my focus on "the body of my world" - internally and externally

The Cluster of Clinging to Feeling is about my obsessions of being pleased, feeling pain and ignorance

The Cluster of Clinging to Perception is about my  momentarily responses to my six senses

The Cluster of Clinging to Construction is about my fixated passion for intending, wanting, worrying

The Cluster of Clinging to Consciousness is about my addicton to all that is seen, touched and cognized

Cluster of Clinging means an assemblage, collection, group or knot of a tightly adhering collection of variegated attachment! There is nothing here ‘outside’ or ‘apart’ from these clusters of clinging, neither internally, nor externally! The cause of clinging is craving. The effect of clinging is becoming.


There is really a "Highest form of Intelligence" - my ability to observe without evaluating... 


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