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  • Jon Frang Mostad


What does femininity mean in a context with others when we do not think about gender? I’ll stick to the point:

Femininity is the evolving future scenario for Man.

Let’s have a deeper look. Do you know Theosophy? The term theosophy, is derived from the Greek theos (“God”) and sophia (“wisdom”), and is generally understood to mean “divine wisdom”. However, my text is neither religious nor aimed at an understanding of God, my text is aimed at understanding possible futures for man. But, Theosophy as a spiritual philosophy, are pointing towards a meaningful understanding of what I try to express.

Follow me.

Theosophy explains the manifestation of the universe through three creative sources. The masculine source is the form of imagination. The creative force holds the ability to express itself through images. The feminine source is the form of polarity - that is the form of moving. The creative source expresses itself through source of movement. The association of imaging and movement, gives the source of consciousness. The child of the two.

Movement is explained as the universe's ability to give birth to the image into life. By studying ancient Egyptian statues of Gods, we can see how the feminine God (the movement) leads the masculine God (the imagine) into life and therefore into action.

Femininity is the manifestation of giving life. Femininity is is to see and to be seen. It is the focus on movement through the development of care and knowledge. Exactly as the good caregiver cares for a child.

Let me jump to the way humans communicate. There are two directions, where one is driven by force and the other is driven by source.

The language of force is the masculine one and the language of source is the feminine one. No caring parent rise a child through force.

The feminine modality of the language is about seeing each other, confirming each other and following each other into action. By meeting, supporting and protecting each other, we speak the feminine modality. Only by daring to learn and therefore also to succeed in other ways than provided, we can learn. We only learn through physical, mental and mental relocation. Just here is the femininity the source offered by the universe.

When you speak through the feminine modality, you speak by support from the universe's life-giving source.

Let me give you an example of what I mean by the universe's life-giving source. You know the dandelion? This little translate flower in the ditch. It grows in dirt and muddy water. You have probably also seen how it grows through asphalt in the roadway. Without letting go, it refuses to give up. It will reconcile its yellow busted head with the sun's warm and nourishing rays. The dandelion is a survivor. The dandelion overcomes the biggest obstacles and it reaches its purpose without using force. The dandelion grows through source. We can not see this source that works through the dandelion, nor does it have its name knoen and it can not be explained. The ancient Chinese natural philosophers called it the source of TAO. I'm talking about nature's second creative source; the movement. The dandelion carries on an idea of ​​what it means to be a dandelion, and up to this picture it moves.

We witness the creative feminine power of the universe.

Futures that come will require new forms of relationships. The future I want to attract is a forceless future image. When I choose a forceless performance, I can put it to life by speaking a language that moves, a feminine language.

When I speak femininity, I hear what does not sound, see what does not form and understand what is not thought.


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1 Kommentar

Lars Echardt Petersen
Lars Echardt Petersen
27. Sept. 2020

It makes pretty good sense from what I have understand about life.

Even though there is a lot in your text you just have to relate to ...

We must give time to make your texts our own.

our own interpretation of what makes sense to "me."

Your book "Ida" also tells about the diligent "woman" who gives movement in a modern company.

The diligent "woman" helps to win the battle of the little big horn. The intuitive way the Indians win the war.

Gefällt mir
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