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«Once you were an animal - as consciousness you thought of the exploratory thoughts» (@mostadjon)   

The Ancient Mantra was "Know Yourself" and was inscribed on the pronaos of the Apollon Temple in Delphi. The statement may have two meanings; a limiting and an expanding. Socrates interpreted the statement extensively, he also provoked the existing society, which also led to his tragic death penalty. If we relate to both possibilities at the mantra, then the inscription is just as relevant today as then. Knowing your self in the interpretation of knowing your Acquired I (see my earlier texts), gives you the starting point to search for your Inherent I, the greater version of your self. 

Did you know that Apollon is the god of the Greek myth that could predict the future? Are you ready to predict the future of your self?

Just the challenge of dealing with the future is the centerpiece of my blogs. I am concerned with how Man knows himself, can choose his preferred future and prepare to face the challenges of the future that comes. Through four blogs (topics for the weeks from 19 through 22, 2019, I dedicate myself to thoughts of "knowing oneself". For me, the topic is particularly relevant in connection with significant megatrends that drive social development, technological developments and the evolution of artificial intelligence. Perhaps more than ever in human history, the individual should be actively involved in his own evolution, for which a deep insight is needed in self.

I post a weekly blog on Friday at 7 PM CET (Central European Time) and share it on Facebook ( Every day I elaborate on the theme of the week with a Quote or a Caption on Instagram where you find me as @mostadjon. I write independently of politics and religious beliefs. You are welcome to comment and to contact me directly if you have a question.

The long journey

Anyone who knows himself knows the great journey of evolution. Anyone who knows himself looks into the Milky Way and thinks "from there I come and will return». Anyone who knows himself knows his spiritual mission as a spiritual soul in a physical reality on planet Earth.

In one of my previous blogs and most likely in several of them, I write about the three locations of consciousness. The inspiration is taken from the Hungarian scientist Irvin Laszlo (1932-). Laszlo opens an understanding that the universe is conscious of its own existence, creates itself and that all matter contributes to the creative process. Such an approach to a dynamic and organic universe, unlike mainstream science, sees the universe as living matter and consciousness as an interconnected web. The notion that the Universe is conscious of its own existence and that the Universe creates its expansion through Co-creation from inorganic and organic material, supports the image I find in the field of The Theosophy.

To those of you who do not know the term "Theosophy" I can briefly say that it is both a spiritual teaching and a philosophy. All life exists in a basic community and is explained as The Realm of Minerals, The Realm of Plants, The Realm of Animals and The Realms of Humans. Man is explained by this four levels. The physical body is the fundamental level, the level closest to the physical matter and the causal (intuitiv) level is the level where the humans soul resides and connect to The Buddhic Body, a level that cannot be understood by the physical senses and the logical thoughts. The soul is the connection between the body and the spirit. The soul mediates the physical and spiritual manifestation of life. In its present state, Man is trapped in matter (which expresses itself in the body and the world as it appears). Through reincarnations and evolving work, man can move out of matter and into forms of existence as pure spirit. The purpose of The Theosophy is to give the seeker a deeper insight into spiritual issues.

I am deeply fascinated by The Theosophy's story of the human path of development. I am barred from giving a larger account of The Theosophy's explanation, in this short blog. Man has evolved from stellar dust to a form of consciousness by dwelling in the realms mentioned below. Let me give you a short sketch. 

The five forms of consciousness

The idea that minerals represent a form of consciousness can seem incomprehensible to most people. Minerals do not have life and life is what we associate with consciousness? In the past, science was of the opinion that a certain "life force" separated the organic world from the inorganic. The organic world was built by compounds of carbon and hydrogen. The inorganic world was not built this way. All forms of organisms had to be built via carbon and water, was the statement of science.  Such a thought was abandoned in the early 1800s when it turned out that inorganic compounds could evolve into organic. The "lifeless" minerals can enter into connections and engage in complex constructions as if they were "filled" with «life force». In my imagination, The Realm of Minerals - the inorganic as well as the organic - is a form of consciousness. Within The Realm of Minerals thoughts exists with a frequency that fluctuates low and over a long time horizon. The idea that minerals are a form of longitudinal (long-term swinging) form of consciousness, is the foundation of understanding the self-known and self-developing universe.

The Realm of Minerals is the first level of consciousness - here the consciousness is developed through transformative processes that lead to life in its organic form.

The idea that plants represent a form of consciousness may seem more understandable. Our general notions of plants are about having "life". They extend towards the sun, drink water and multiply, and we can also "talk to plants". Plants seem to thrive when they are cared for and "talked to". Scientifically, we know that the plants are advanced life forms. They are definitely organic, they work together, they perform plans and they adapt. Plants have feelings and they are part of complex relationships in societies. 

The Realm of Plants is the second form of consciousness - here the consciousness is developed of complex, dynamic and organic processes in strategic alliances.

The idea that The Realm of Animals represents a form of consciousness is obvious and accepted by most people. For thousands of years, humans and animals have developed appropriate forms of gathering, benefit and enjoyment for both. Animals have technological skills and use intelligent methods for problem solving, both of technical and social challenges. Animals know the secrets of medication by themselves and their congeners, they are part of complex social constructs, collaborate and communicate.

The Realm of Animals is the third form of consciousness - here the exploratory consciousness is developed, the one driven by curiosity and the desire to know.

The fourth form of consciousness is developed in The Realm of Humans. Then remains the fifth form of consciousness that is the spiritual form of consciousness. You can read my reflections upon these two high forms of consciousness in the text that comes in week 22.

"Know yourself"

The text this week begins with the ancient mantra "Know Yourself". The path to a new knowledge of yourself and the ability to develop your consciousness so that you can be the active master of your evolution, is found in the hidden and forgotten knowledge of ancient knowledge. That knowledge is hidden from you and concealed in you. You should know this and be the one who seeks, finds and decodes. My texts can be simple wizards.

Yes, my friend, on a deep unconscious level you know all about being a mineral, a plant and an animal, and your DNA keeps all the knowledge evolution has created. Now is the time to take the next step in the ascent.


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