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«Once you became an individual human soul and all consciousness was given to you»

My fascination with evolution never stops. 

Through a long path, where I restarted my life by learning to align breath and body, I understand how privileged I am as a human being. Regardless of whether my life has had its bad times, the experience of loneliness, the pain of wounds and memories that afflict me, life is greater than me. Through personal development, studying, working with people and traveling, I now see that I follow the words of the Dalai Lama to "bring me a greater life" - not just for this life, but for life that comes. 

Welcome to my blog.

Every Friday I post a text at 0700 PM CET (Central European Time). You can subscribe to my blog and get the lyrics directly to your email, free and without obligation. I write independently of religion and view of society. I am concerned about the knowledge of the past and the future that is to come.  I try to understand the significance of the great ancient narratives for man in a modern age. Every week I post daily Quotes and Captions from my account on Instagram @mostadjon. The posts on @mostadjon are specializations of the week's text. Follow me on @mostadjon and comment, then we are connected. 

If you flip a little backwards in my weekly themes, you will find that I reflect on the journey from the beginning of the universe as stellar dust, through the infinity of times through the conditions of the realm of minerals, the realm of plants and the realm of animals. Each stage has provided its prerequisites for the present great journey as human. You will find the themes highlighted in the texts for weeks 19, 20 and 21. In this text I round out my thoughts about the great star travel and what it has given as competence to humans. 

Each realm is its form of consciousness and has contributed to the development of the finely tuned human being. From the realm of minerals, matter was taught the art of transformation; the ability to form complex compounds and develop into organic consciousness. From the realm of plants, all matter learned to be the life of an organism that can feel, plan and act strategically. From the realm of animals life learned to act in compound social groups, use tools and follow their exploratory order. Everything built up to where the evolution awarded you an individual soul with all that it means of opportunity and commitment.


The journey from stellar dust to individualized soul is an accomplishment and only the strongest and elect have made the journey.

The universe as consciousness

The idea that the Universe is conscious of its own existence and develops itself through processes of attraction arising from a law of nature that is still hidden from us, begins to become a notion that some scientists are following. I want to express myself carefully on behalf of science. For me personally, this is a performance that creates great clarity. In such an image, all matter is co-creator in the development of the conscious universe. The Eastern mythical and religious narratives provide such an image. There will come a day when our Western thinking joins such a mythical and phenomenological explanation. That day will come when the unknown - hidden and forgotten, laws of nature appear and give us access to a knowledge where we can explain the universe from a spiritual cosmology. In such a knowledge, Man has a unique place and function.

Precisely for this reason, it is of great importance for the evolution of the powerful universe that humans know their spiritual journey and their tasks as co-creators. In earlier texts, I have written about the three tasks of a human as a "rewarded soul" - developing themselves towards enlightenment, working for the Earth's transformation from a dark planet to a bright planet, and being co-creator in the evolution of the conscious universe.

Such thoughts may be for the few? Most people will think that this text is insane. Maybe it is, but what if it isn't? If so, then what?

What is it to be a human being?

More sophisticated thinkers than me have tried to answer such a question and now I am also trying. We all have the opportunity and we should reflect on such issues. Let me try.

When my life suffered and I had to make sure my life was going, I found my way through a Hindu cleansing yoga. There are many roads, I found mine. From the period when I was gently brought into the mysteries of breath, I began to take an interest in "where does this wisdom come from?" A long path of development and explorations in my life began. My texts and books are mirrors of inner realizations. If you have the interest and spend the time, you can read my texts and see my path. I think it reflects yours in many ways.

My body knows the secrets of the realms of minerals, the realm of plants and the realm of animals, now I explore the realm of humans. In my process, I have found freedom from wounds and longings, by becoming larger than them. By seeing myself in the perspective of what the four realms have taught me, life has become an opportunity and not a suffering. When I also accept the esoteric notion that man has a spiritual purpose and have adapted my understanding due to the recent scientific assumptions about the conscious universe, then I know myself rewarded.

So, it may be for you - know yourself rewarded.

If, I with a sentence, should shape what it means to be a human, then it must be «A contribution to the extension of the self-awareness of the Universe, by constantly seeking greater challenges in one's own life".

I would like to say a little more about what this entails.

From the limitations of the physical senses to the possibilities of the spiritual senses

Man is rewarded with an individual soul, which is the prerequisite for being able to be independent in his own body and from there realizing his life purpose. By realizing its purpose of life, the soul educates itself and contributes to the growth of the Universe. In a physical body, Man is perfectly adapted to a 3D world, where length, width and height are the fundamental coordinates of orientation and movement. But - and it is a great but, the stay in and exploration of a 3D world is no spiritual challenge for man. The challenge lies in exploring the 4D mental and the 5D causal world.

It will be beyond the scope of this blog's frame, to account for the mental and causal consciousness of Man. We find these two dimensions as dimensions within the 3D human sensed world. Framed by the width x length x height, there is a mental world and struck by the mental world there is the causal - the phenomenological and intuitive world. It is these worlds that humans are rewarded for exploring.

You have great challenges ahead of you and an exciting journey awaits.


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