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"The archeology of the body" may seem strange? What is a body where an archaeologist can make his excavations? I speak symbolic language, my friend. In this month's Premium article ...

...I will present to you a method for how you can seek a deeperknowledge of your Spiritual Self.

Let me first agree on the framework for my text.

Futures of Man is a community where we seek to understand how Man can seek out, attract and implement his desired future scenario. This text is a tool in such a context.

The purpose of evolution is the development of consciousness. With its highly developed ability for self-reflection, Man can be involved in his own evolution. To get into such a position, Man must learn to get to know himself.

Based on different forms of consciousness, all life forms live spiritual lives. The various forms of consciousness are united in a living universe - our cosmos.

Man does not get to know himself by asking himself, for who gives the answer? Man finds the key in seeking out and exploring an unknown side of himself, a side that is both hidden and forgotten for people in our time.

The side of Man himself, which can provide the answer to the question "who am I ?”, has many names but is little explored. In my world of understanding and therefore in this article, I give it the name "Higher Self".

Man's Higher Self, is a level of consciousness the individual can seek out and learn to understand.

How does he proceed?

Spirit and matter

All matter is spirit in its lightest form and spirit is matter in its heaviest form, the understanding is found in the density of matter and in the form of oscillations of energy. In such a picture, only one reality exists; it is both spiritual and material. You can dive deeper into this perspective by studying former Premium articles among the one “Energy, vibration and communication”, written by my respected colleague Jarle Berghammer.

So, that is why you, my friend, are both spirit and matter.

The way of the spirit into the dense and heavy matter is "the will of life to victory." To achieve its purpose, the spirit needs to dress the matter, almost comparable to a diver who is to explore the depths of the ocean or an astronaut who is to explore a foreign atmosphere, wears a suit for protection.

The challenge for the human spirit is that the body it clothes on has its own autonomous subconsciousness and therefore its own forms of will. What the spirit wants is not necessarily the same as what the biological and socially constructed sub-consciousnesses want.

Spirit as the lightest form of matter, strives to reach the coarse and slow form of matter. Here a tension relationship arises, a contradiction so to say. Symbolically, I explain the pain of the body as the language of the soul. When the body aches the soul speaks.

Life as an initiation to expanded consciousness

The human physical body is a beautiful, intelligent and self-conscious "tool" for the spirit on its journey in a heavy and inhospitable atmosphere. The human body is endowed with functions and autonomous patterns of action that have their own will. The will may appear to be in opposition to the will of the spirit, and the opposition may have a specific purpose.

The path to an expanded consciousness is a path of initiation. Evolution has to experience, make mistakes and create changes. Therefore, every human life is a spiritual path of initiation paved with obstacles. Each of the obstacles must be identified and resolved by transforming into possibilities.

The way of the spirit through matter is symbolically understood as a way of initiation. If you choose to explore the possibilities of life, identify the obstacles and find ways where you resolve the obstacles, you live a life in spiritual search and you expand your consciousness.

Whether you are a spiritual outreach or not, evolution will lead you to trials where you will be confronted with choices. You can choose to say no to the challenges or you can choose to say yes.

I work with people who ask me "Jon, is this all?" - and they point to the life they live. My answer is always "No, life is so much more". It all depends on whether you seek the path of initiation to an expanded consciousness or not.

Archeology of the body

The way of the spirit into the heavy matter is a path of initiation for the individual soul. From time to time the soul is able to free itself from gravity, expressed as the autonomous and partly self-conscious obstacles in the human body. The soul attains freedom for its evolutionary purpose by passing through the experiences embedded in the heaviest form of consciousness, the physical three-dimensional matter.

By doing so, the soul leaves its footprints in the body, but how?

Man has several bodies. Around the physical body, the energy body exists. Almost like a "wrap", the energy body encloses the physical skeleton, muscles, blood system and nerves, and creates the conditions for life as a continuous movement. The connective tissue is the body's major highway for transporting energy and consciousness.

When the soul attains its time-limited freedom in the form of access to matter, it leaves traces in the connective tissue and creates the body's memory. The discoveries of the soul are stored as phenomena of memory. Symbolically, I can compare to a computer that stores documents and images in its memories. From there, the memories can be retrieved and viewed.

Therapists who work with shock and trauma will agree with me. Shock and trauma accumulate in the body's connective tissue and prevent the free flow of energy, which in turn impairs the quality of both the physical and mental life of the injured person.

For me, the development of expanded consciousness is about developing the sensory cognition. Therefore, I help my students search for the spiritual phenomena in the body's memory. The experiences that tell about the soul's discoveries in matter. The soul's footprint in the connective tissue accumulates in the body's memory and is an intuitive-causal part of consciousness. The body's memory is the "inside" of consciousness and should not be confused with the intellect which is the "outside" of consciousness.

You will not find the footprint of the soul in the body's memory by asking your intellect. The question will not be understood and therefore not answered. You must ask through a spiritual initiation into the world of phenomena.

Such an inner journey is possible and is part of Futures of Man's program DAWN - a new path to self-insight and expanded consciousness.

The hidden and forgotten knowledge

If you read the article with a symbolic language as a starting point, you may find that the text has a message for you. The sciences of nature will definitely be skeptical of my performance. Such a contradiction does not make me nervous, on the contrary. It is expected.

For those of you to whom the text speaks and perhaps evokes memories, I would say - this was known by the ancient scientific cultures from before antiquity. The Russian philosopher, mystic and spiritual teacher Georg Ivanovich Gurdjieff (1866-1949) discovered in his search for a path to expanded consciousness, a hidden and forgotten doctrine. The framework for this article does not allow for a closer presentation of Gurdjieff's teachings, but I would like to clarify what he expressed. The individual cannot find the path of initiation alone. It can only be found with one who has "learned to learn" the spiritual path to know.

If Gurdjieff is right, we need a community like Futures of Man, and other communities, where we can teach each other the path of initiation into an expanded consciousness.

Good luck on your journey - and remember that you can always seek advice from Futures of Man.


The mind speaks through the mouth, the soul speaks through the body. When your body is in pain, you can be sure that a higher level of consciousness in you is trying to convey a message to you. To decode the language, you have to learn the language, and it is actually possible.

The soul can be understood as a "spiritual probe" that lands on Earth, for a purpose. The soul's job is to get its "boots on the ground". In the attempt to complete its mission, the soul leaves traces in the body's memories. The archeology of the body is about "digging out" the footsteps of the soul. They hide in your phenomenological memory and they speak to you.

If you want to develop yourself, you have to know yourself. The problem is, you can not ask yourself "who am I?". Few people understand this. The question must be asked to a consciousness that is "higher" than the one you "are". It is possible, but you must know "whom" to ask, how to ask

and you must learn the language in

which the answer is given. All this is

possible for the applicant.


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